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Billick Joins NFL Network

This is a great move for former Ravens head coach Brian Billick. He has a great speaking voice, as well as the personality to be interesting and informative in this position. Sitting alongside the other NFL Network people, he will fit in seemlessly and provide decent insight and knowledge to the broadcasts.

However, my first notice of his entry into this position was watching him yesterday give his opinion on what to look for when drafting a college quarterback to be a future starter in the league. I almost fell off my sofa laughing at the irony of this! Here is the league's premier TV network asking a former coach who NEVER was able to take a first round draft pick and develop him into a legitimate NFL quarterbak and this is the best the NFL Network could do to find someone who has done this? I guess the former NFL coaches who have successfully developed college QB's into NFL star QB's pickings was slim!

Not only could Billick not develop Kyle Boller into a legitimate star, he also couldn't see that former Ravens draft pick Derek Anderson (now of course, a star for the Cleveland Browns) had the tools to be a legitimate NFL QB. However, no one in the entire league proved better at taking washed up former NFL star QB's and proving that they were, indeed, washed up former NFL star QB's than Brian Billick.

Hilarious, NFL Network, just hilarious! You guys slay me!

PS- Did you notice in Steve McNair's retirement speech, that unless I missed it, he thanked owner Steve Bisciotti, GM Ozzie Newsome and a lot of other people, but no mention was made of his former coach who brought him here (Billick)?