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Kenny Mayne...

...of ESPN's SportsCenter (as well as 'Dancing with the Stars' fame!) has written a book. It is called 'An Incomplete & Inaccurate History of Sport.' It is a hilarious recounting of his life with comments on every sport from basketball to bocce (he says he didn't even know it was spelled with an "e" rather than an "i" until the book was edited!).

I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy (it goes on sale on April 22nd) with an autographed bookmark from Alisha Cantrell of Random House, the book's publisher.

If you are a fan of ESPN, SportsCenter, and especially the humor of Kenny Mayne, I definitely recommend you pick up a copy as soon as it arrives in stores. In the first sitting, I read all the way to page 82 (Dodgeball), and the book has already covered sports like Australian Rules Football, Carnival Games and of course, his ill-fated 'Dancing...' appearance (Mayne was the first person voted off. Ouch!). He digs deep into his available resources to utilize the hand drawn 'pictures' of his young daughters in many chapters and delves into non-sporting areas such as childbirth.

As I finish the book, I'll put a final review on this blog. Thanks to Alisha and Random House for an advance look at this fun and easy to read trip through the mind of a pretty funny guy. Feel free to check out the website for the book, ironically labeled