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Ravens Jump Into Free Agency!

Wow, what a splash,..."cannonball coming" (Bill Murray in Caddyshack)!

The Baltimore Ravens signed free agent and former Chicago Bear special teams standout Brendan Ayanbedejo (I think I actually spelled that correct!). Brendan is not to be confused with the former Ravens running back, Obafemi, who is his older brother. His contract was reported to be around $4.9 million over four years with $1.9 as a signing bonus, so his cap hit will be minimal and if he ends up being combined on special teams with Gary Stills, they will be a formidable tantum on a part of the game that is too often overlooked and minimalized.

Not a bad pickup for a team that is cap-challenged, that is, unless they start unloading some of these high priced washed up veterans, which appears will just not be happening anytime soon.

In addition, the Ravens watched Delaware QB Joe Flacco throw at his school's Pro Day. If they end up taking a CB or d-lineman with their first pick and Flacco is still available for their second round pick, I'd be real impressed with those two picks.