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Unfounded Rumor,...or is it?

A friend of mine called yesterday to ask me if I heard of the rumor that the Ravens were trading their second round pick in the draft to the Atlanta Falcons for disgruntled cornerback DeAngelo Hall. I have checked all over the web and have not seen anthing that even remotely suggests or even makes note of this information. So unless my good friend has insider information straight from GM Ozzie Newsome's War Room, my guess is that it is more of a dream than reality. Even with the disgruntled part, Hall would be a great complement to All Pro Chris McAlister and certainly an upgrade over the aging veteran Samari Rolle.

Trading their #2 pick would only leave the Ravens with their current first round pick (#8) and then they would sit, watch and wait until the fourth round, as they traded their third round pick to Buffalo as part of the Willis McGahee trade prior to last season. While picking up someone of the caliber of DeAngelo Hall would immediately solve the urgent need at cornerback, the loss of the second round pick would make it even more crucial that their 1st round selection immediately fill one of the many other voids in their starting lineup.

As I've repeatedly said, if by some chance Boston COllege QB Matt Ryan fell to them at #8, they should snatch him up. However, that is looking more and more unlikely as the draft approaches. More than likely, Ozzie Newsome will stick to his philosophy of drafting best available talent, regardless of position and team need. At the same time, he could hit the mother lode no matter what position he picks, as the Ravens have needs at virtually every starting position, other than safety and running back. Whether they go for an offensive or defensive lineman, they can't go wrong, as there stands to be guys who could step in immediately and contribute on both sides of the ball.

As the second tier level of free agents begin to sign and the trades begin to take place, the draft needs of not only the Ravens but the rest of the league will begin to take shape. Until then, rumors such as the DeAngelo Hall trade, will remain only that- rumors.