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Winner & Losers

Of course, all the players are winners in Free Agency. Ridiculous amounts of Monopoly-type of cash is strewn about, making multi-millionnaires out of just regular guys, some of whom will not earn a lick of their contracts on the field. Even backup players received millions in guaranteed contracts. Big winners in my opinion include San Diego's Michael Turner and Cleveland's Derek Anderson. Turner is going to be a great feature back, yet he's never been more than a backup up to this point in his career. Anderson had an impressive season, but remember, he was a 6th round draft pick of the Ravens before he was plucked off of their Practice Squad to be the third stringer for Cleveland before he got his shot.

The teams that took part in the rush this weekend that I see as winners include the 49ers, Browns, Eagles and Saints. Other teams picked up a player this weekend but not to the extent of changing their prognosis for next year (see Falcons). On the other hand, the newly crowned Super Bowl Champs lost three members of their defense, and the runners up have lost one of their wideouts (Stallworth) and stand to possibly lose Randy Moss as well (although I doubt it).

As the week(s) progress, we'll see how the next level of unrestricted free agents play out.