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NFL Draft is Too Far Away!

We still have five weeks until the NFL Draft and I'm sick and tired of waiting. Most of the important signings of free agency are over and teams are pretty sure of where they're going with their picks. We're still seeing a bunch of different colleges "Pro Days," but for the most part, the draft boards should be set.

So what's the problem? Why can't we start now? The draft should be at the end of March instead of the end of April. Who do I have to speak to in order to change this? In the meantime, more rhetoric and opinions about what to do with those draft picks.

Baring a trade down to get more picks, the Baltimore Ravens will select at #8 in the first round. Remember, the Ravens do not have a 3rd nor 5th round pick this year, as they traded the 3rd to Buffalo as part of the Willis McGahee deal and gave up the 5th when they selected LT Jared Gaither in the Supplemental Draft last year. Therefore, only three picks in the first five rounds and five total in the seven rounds over the two days of the draft. That makes those first two picks so important.

But where do they go and in what order? Their needs are so many that they couldn't go wrong no matter if they pick a QB, CB, DE or LT. But even if they trade down in the first round to pick up the missing #3 pick, it wouldn't be a bad move. From what I see, the big name cornerbacks and defensive linemen won't be there in the second round, but the QB should be, other than Matt Ryan. I also see the need for a top CB more than the DL or even the OL, even if Jonathon Ogden decides to retire. If Boston College QB Matt Ryan somehow falls to the Ravens at #8, I'd grab him in a heartbeat and make him the future face of this franchise. However, the only way that happens is if both the Dolphins and Falcons pass on him, which may happen with one of those teams, but is unlikely to happen to both. Therefore, I'd like to see the Ravens take one of the top three CB's (Jenkins, McKelvin, Rodgers-Cromartie) with the 8th pick and pick up one of the second tier QB's (Henne or Flacco) in the second round. All or at least one of the above should still be on the board when they pick in both the first and second rounds. With those picks, they should be set for this season and supplement the team with solid reserves with their final three picks in the draft.

More to come as the draft approaches