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So much for that rumor... know, the one that I had reported last week or so that had the Atlanta Falcons trading disgruntled cornerback DeAngelo Hall to my Baltimore Ravens for their second round pick. Well, yesterday the Falcons sort of did that, but only to the Oakland Raiders for their second rounder. You sort of knew that a so-called trouble-maker like Hall would go to a rogue team, if not the Ravens, then Al Davis' Raiders. I would have liked to see him playing opposite Chris McAlister, but now look forward to seeing Samari Rolle rebound both on and off the field with his issues and have a comeback season to be proud of. It doesn't matter even if the Ravens select a CB with the #8 pick, as they will be too green to immediately start in game 1. They'll have to learn the system, see the incredible speed of the pro game and learn from the nickle or dime position, and then earn a starting gig based on their play as well as whatever other opportunity opens up, be it through injury or just plain old poor play from those ahead of him on the depth chart.

There are still a bunch of lower tier free agents still out there and a couple of other CB's on the trading block (see Eagles Lito Sheppard), so we'll just have to wait and see what other rumors pop up in the next 45 days prior to the NFL Draft.

Keep tuned.