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Former Raven Darling Signs w/ Chiefs

Little used wideout Devard Darling signed a three year, $5 million contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. Great for Devard, who's never been anything more than a reserve for the Ravens in his four years on the team In 2007, due to other players injuries, he enjoyed his best season, catching 18 of his 20 career receptions and his only three TDs. What was impressive was his 18 yards/catch, in the limited role. A lot more was expected from Darling, but due to the Ravens current crop of receivers and their less than explosive passing game, you see why he never really had the chance to succeed.

However, as he is only 26 years old, his best days are ahead of him and based on his size (6'1") and quickness, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him end up a competent complement to 2nd year wideout Dwyane Bowe.

As far as last night's Ed Block Courage Awards (see yesterday's post), seeing Buffalo Bills seriously injured Kevin Everett walk in and listening to his interview was truly inspirational. See the article from the Baltimore Sun here.

In addition, the Ravens worked out Delaware QB Joe Flacco at his school's pro day. See the article here by Aaron Wilson from the Carroll County Times