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It's just my opinion, but...

...the Patriots still can lay claim to the 'Greatest Regular Season of All Time,' despite their Super Bowl loss.

...the Giants will have a tougher time getting back to the big game than the Pats will.

..that said, I am now predicting that neither team makes it back for Super Bowl 43.

...mid level teams such as the Eagles, Seahawks, Jaguars, and above them, the Colts, have a better chance of coming up big next year.

...the 2008 draft is still on the back burner until free agency fleshes out most teams' needs.

...for example, the Ravens have so many needs, what they do with the #8 pick will totally depend on what they do in free agency.

...either way, I wouldn't be surprised to see them trade down in round one to get back a third rounder, since they currently don't have one because of their trade with Buffalo for Willis McGahee.

...most mock drafts I've previewed have them picking either Louisville QB Brian Brohm or USC DT Sedric Ellis.

...Brohm is definitely not the answer (not mobile enough), and would only be taken if Boston College QB Matt Ryan is off the board by then.

...if Ryan is still on the board, I would grab him, as he has the best tools at QB in the draft and is built to succeed in the NFL.

...I don't understand why the Ravens would select the DT from USC, Sedric Ellis, even if he is the obvious best player on the board left at #8.

...they already have Kelly Gregg and Haloti Ngata firmly entrenched at DT, and need a pass rushing DE much more than depth at DT with their first pick.

...the Ravens brass could very well be posturing to set up for a last minute trade to pick up the additional picks I wrote of earlier.

...I still want to see Baltimore make a splash in free agency by signing both Pats CB Asante Samuel and Steelers guard Alan Fanaca.

...they could create cap space by releasing a bunch of overpriced veterans including, but not limited to McNair, Mason, Rolle and Flynn.

...I would relish the thought of trading our #1 pick for Donovan McNabb, as this would put us right back in the hunt, if both he and the previously injured Ravens players get healthy.

...then I'd go crazy and sign not only Samuel and Fanaca, but also throw the big bucks at Randy Moss as well.

...would that be a great off season to psych us up for the 2008 season!?

...I have every right to fantasize and dream whatever I want. It's my blog, so there!