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Free Agency Begins Next Week

...and when it opens, we should see a flurry of quick signings right away. Don't try and tell me that no one has been speaking on the down-low, and backroom deals haven't been made. Riiigghht!

The Ravens used the Franchise Tag on Terrell Suggs, but he wasn't very happy with the specific tag they used. The Ravens put the tag on him at linebacker, which now pays him the average of the top five at that position, which is around $8.0 million. However, T-Sizzle and his agent thought the Ravens should have been forced into placing the tag on him from a D-lineman position, which would have made them pay him another $800,000, which was the top five average for that position. Not so, says the Ravens and the league agreed. Oh well, at least he won't pull a "Sprewell" and complain about how he is going to be able to put food on his table for his family. Hopefully, both sides will be able to hammer out a new long term contract before the season starts that will give him the up front bonus money and lower the cap hit at the same time. The problem is that Suggs is reportedly looking for "Dwight Freeney" money, which was something to the tune of a $20 million signing bonus and a total of around $72 million. Sorry, Terrell, but you're not quite in that league, and only had five sacks all last season. However, to your defense, if the Ravens had another pass rusher worth worrying about, perhaps the opposition wouldn't have double teamed you all season long.

For now, I'm looking forward to the Combine on the NFL Network, where they innundate us with 40 yard dashes and other drills on all the prospects. I actually love this and could watch it all day. I am also looking towards the NFL Draft, and may be going u to New York to visit cousins and attend it for the first time. Sweet!