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Week 13: NFL Picks & Pans

Last week was my first losing weekend, although if we count the Thanksgiving games, I actually went 8-7, still easily my worst picking week of the season. Let's hope I get back on track this week and as long as I pick the Ravens games correctly, everyone should still be happy, right?

Here we go:

Chicago over Jacksonville:  'da Bears are playing at home and are in the playoff hunt, while the Jags have been just awfully disappointing.

Minnesota over Detroit: The Lions are on their way to a winless season while the Vikes are praying their DT's do not get suspended for the rest of the season or their playoff hopes will vanish without the Williams' duo.

Green Bay over Houston: Matt Schaub returns for the Texans which is a big upgrade at QB, but not enough to contain the Packers passing attack on the frozen tundra (yes, I said it!).

Tennessee over Cleveland: Right now it's Ken Dorsey at QB for the Browns, but soon it'll be whomever third string we have on the Ravens roster (Boller?), while the Titans are waiting to clinch home field throughout the playoffs.

Atlanta over New Orleans: I've tried to stay on the Saints bandwagon but while they can score, they can't stop anybody and Atlanta has proven it can win on the road even with a rookie QB.

NY Giants over Philadelphia: Even though the Eagles rebounded with an impressive win over the Cardinals last week, they are still not in the Giants class (who is?), especially at the Meadowlands, even without the stupid Plaxico!

Denver over Kansas City: The Broncos can feel the breath of the San Diego Chargers down the back of their necks, so they will man up and play some defense for a change and take care of the Chiefs.

Buffalo over Miami: The Bills owe the Dolphins a payback although the game will have a much different feel being played in a domed stadium in Toronto in December!?

NY Jets over San Francisco: I was going to go with this game as my upset pick of the week, but somehow decided against the Jets blowing two games in a row. Thus, the New Yorkers should have enough to defeat the 49ers, even on the left coast.

Seattle over New England: Here it is: My Upset Special Pick of the Week! In the Pacific Northwest, the Seahawks take out a season's worth of frustrations on a confused Patriots team that totally imploded last week at home against the Steelers. Figures, that I'm playing in my fantasy league Pats QB Matt Cassel while my reserve QB Phil Rivers threw three TD passes on Thursday night. Once again, another reason I'm in the basement!

Arizona over St. Louis: The Cards find the perfecrt recipe for rebounding off their awful showing in Philly on Thanksgiving and give thanks to the football gods for serving up the woeful Rams on a platter at home.

Pittsburgh over Dallas: I'd love to go with my heart in this one but the combination of the Steelers defense and Pittsburgh weather, calling for low 30's and snow showers make me think that Dallas will not be able to overcome those obstacles. While the Cowboys certainly have the offense to put points up and Romo to TO has been clicking, Marion Barber is a game time decision and the Cowboys won't be able to run anyhow. Meanwhile, that bastard Roethlisberger always seems to escape the sack and hit the short pass for the key completions. Here's hoping I'm wrong, but somehow I doubt it.

Indianapolis over Cincinnati: Does there really need to be any explanation. Cincy on the road, in Indy? Come on, Bengals, help a division brother out by going in there and putting the Ravens ahead of the Colts in the Wild Card hunt? Uhh, no.

Tampa Bay over Carolina (Monday Night Football): I know that the game is in Carolina but the Panthers have not played too well this year against the better defensive teams. They have a great running game but Jake Delhomme has been erratic and I expect the tough Buccaneer defense to defend them well, while they will find just enough offense to win on the road and solidify their grip on first place in the NFC South.

(NOTE: As usual, I'll pick & pan the Ravens-Redskins game in tomorrow's post.)

Last Week: 5-7

Season Record: 119-72-1