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It's just my opinion, but...'s too bad the San Diego Chargers can't figure themselves out. They play like a playoff team one game and look horrible the next.

...I can do math and I figured that: Oakland +Bad QB+Bad Backup QB=Kyle Boller.

...they should come up with an NFL Hall of Shame, which would have new inductees such as Michael Vick, Plaxico Burress and I'm sure the rest of you guys can come up with some more honorees to induct.

...unrelated to football, I was thrilled to see Baltimorean Michael Phelps, the greatest Olympian of All Time, be honored as Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year for 2008!

...I also loved to hear he brought a Las Vegas cocktail waitress (stripper?) to a recent party as his date. Bet Mom was thrilled!

...I loved the Rock Star game commercial featuring him, ARod, Travis Barker and especially Kobe Bryant dancing to Bob Seger's "Rock & Roll!"

...the Dallas Cowboys can help us out a lot in our fight for the AFC North title if they could go into Heinz Field and take out the Steelers.

...while they do have the offense to do so, the weather report is for low 30's and snow showers, which greatly favors the Steelers. much as I hate to admit it, Pittsburgh has won the games it needed to against the tough teams, while the Ravens have not.

...we're still only a game away from tying them and two away from taking the division lead.

...we will need to defeat them next week and hope that they lose to Dallas and Tennessee as well.

...that would "allow" us to lose at Dallas and sweep the rest of our schedule and still win the AFC North title.

...that's asking a lot, as a tie between us will most likely result in Pittsburgh taking the division based on the tie-breakers.

...the difference between a Wild Card slot and the division title is probably a first round bye and at least one home playoff game.

...winning three playoff games on the road to reach the Super Bowl will be a tough task, one I doubt too many teams can accomplish, including the Ravens.

...if there is one team heading to the playoffs that is flying high enough to win three on the road and make the Super Bowl, it's the Indianapolis Colts, who are peaking at the right time.

...the previous statement may not be true, if you saw their 10-6 squeaker in Cleveland last week.

...their remaining schedule is filled with only one tough game (Titans) and a bunch of patsies (Bengals, Lions, Jags), and the Titans might not play everyone in the last game of the season.

...right now the Ravens and their fans should have only one thought on their collective minds: Beat Washington!

...the winner of this game will go to the playoffs while the loser will not make it in.

...the winner of this game will have some serious territorial bragging rights for a few years. is expected to be real cold and even windy this Sunday night when the two teams collide, but the weather will not be a factor for either team.

...the fans of the two teams see much more of a rivalry than any of the players do.

...isn't that what it's all about?

...I want to beat the Redskins like a rented mule, but I'd get much more of a kick doing the same to the Steelers next Sunday afternoon.

...after Pittsburgh plays Dallas this week, us next Sunday, they go to Tennessee, who will not be ready to lay down just yet, and then finish at home versus Cleveland.

...if the Steelers can survive the next four games, then they probably do deserve to be AFC North Champs!

...but if they fold and tank down the stretch, then our Ravens will gladly take that opportunity from them.

...I can dream, can't I?