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Playoff Fever can Be Contagious

Wow, I never thought that the excitement of making the post season after such an embarrassing season would bring out the worst in all of us, especially during what should be the holiday season.

I guesss that we never expected to be in this situation and are handling it with all the giddiness and immaturity of a little kid who just opened the best Christmas present that they could ever imagine. That goes double for the Miami Dolphins fans as well, who have every reason to even be more excited than we are. They turned their 2007 one-win season (who did they beat again?) into a division title this year and I'm sorry, but head coach Tony Sparano deserves every accolade as Coach of the Year, even over our own John Harbaugh. Harbaugh had a much better core group of veterans to work with and bonded with them to get them on board and behind him for every step of the way this season. For that, he deserves to win the award as well, and probably would if not for the great successes of Sparano and Atlanta Falcons rookie coach Mike smith as well.

So give the Dolphins the credit they deserve, which they should return to us for our great turnaround as well. It's nice to have some fresh faces in the playoffs instead of seeing the Patriots every year. Too bad we still have to deal with the Colts and Steelers as usual. However, that can wait at least another week for one of us and despite all the trash talking, we will just  have to wait until the game is over to see who had it right through all the smack.

Because of our recent and unexpected success, it seems to me that both teams' fans have handled this newfound position pretty poorly. The sophomoric comments on both sides really needs to stop and while a little trash is fine and even fun, the spewing of hatred and personal comments really turns my stomach. We expected and got that from the Cleveland fans and heard that from a lot of teams throughout the league when they played the Browns. But let's not lower ourselves to that level, regardless of what the other teams' fans throw our way. Let's see if we can tone that portion of our smack down a bit and focus on what has made our small group of loyal and knowledgeable fans great to trade comments between all season. That has been our "quality over quantity" mantra all season and should continue for what is left of our great season.

To the Miami Dol-fans: Maybe we have gone a bit overboard with our enthusiasm and zealousness and if we've offended you in any ways, we apologize. However, please don't misunderstand our spirit and excitement of getting to this point of the season which no one, including most of us, ever expected us to be at. You can certainly relate to that and understand our reasoning. So let's move on and focus our comments and opinions on the game at hand and honestly, may the best team win, move on and dethone those hated Steelers, Colts, Chargers and Titans!