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Would the Ravens be a Playoff team with Chad Pennington?

I thought the Ravens should have made a play to pickup Chad after he was released.  Sure, I am happy we didn't, but how would things have been if Chad was the starter here instead of Miami?


For starters, there is no way the Dolphins make the playoffs.  No Chance.

The Ravens would have been a similar team, most likely steadier, but less dynamic.  By that I mean that Chad might have helped us win some early games (1st match up with Pit) by holding onto the ball and having better pocket presence.  Flacco has improved in those areas so the difference now is negligible.

On the other hand Joe has added a big play aspect to the Ravens offense.  God bless Mark Clayton for finally getting down field to be the recipient of Flacco's bombs.  This is not part of Chad's game by any stretch. He is widely known for having one of the weakest arms in the league, but lets not overrate arm strength.  The Jets were enamored by Farve's cannon, and we all see how that worked out for them.

Both guys are winners, and are humble, likable guys, who inspire confidence in their teammates.

Bottom line, I am obviously happy with the way things worked out (duh), as we finally have a franchise QB after 12 long years.  But what would have happened if the Ravens had signed Chad, and let Flacco be his backup for this season?