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It's just my opinion, but...

...I just don't see the Ravens being flat for the Jacksonville game.

...head coach John Harbaugh won't let them think the game is in the bag, as he's not overconfident.

... I'm sure he IS confident that his team will win.

...despite their terrible season and 5-10 record which includes losses in five of their last six games and eight of ten, the Jags will not lay down and could be a dangerous team.

...Maurice Jones-Drew is one of the few guys in this league that can score everytime he touches the ball, and you know he'll get a bunch of touches.

...hopefully the guy known as "pocket Hercules" will feel the pain that Ray Lewis and company can bring.

...Jags QB David Garrard is an elusive scrambler and can be a very streaky passer.

...don't forget they took the Colts to the brink in their last game and also beat them earlier this season.

...that was when the Colts looked like a totally different team than they do now.

...don't forget that I said around a month ago that if the Ravens don't make it, I predicted a Manning v. Manning Super Bowl. go off on a different tangent, what in the world was the idiot Plaxico Burress thinking when he STILL had a cache of weapons found in his house, including the bloody clothing he was wearing when he shot himself in the leg!?

...please don't force feed me any more news on the possible retirement of Brett Favre, as I had more than my fill last summer and would prefer not to hear him whine or see him cry again this off season.

...I am rooting for the Buffalo Bills to make our game irrelevant Sunday by upsetting the Patriots in the earlier game.

...I am also rooting for the Miami Dolphins to win the AFC East, although I wouldn't mind punking Favre's butt in HIS last game!

...while we beat the Dolphins earlier this season and I fully expect to beat them again in the post season, this will be a much different and tougher game this time around than it was the first time.

...I can't believe the San Diego Chargers are going to come back from the grave to beat the Denver Broncos and take the AFC West.

...the Broncos should have wrapped that division up weeks ago but couldn't play defense against anyone and doomed themselves to this meltdown.

...the Chargers will be a more dangerous team in the post season than Denver would have been.

...what do we care, as the Colts will have to go to San Diego, or Denver, if by some chance the Broncos pull off a miracle. really doesn't matter, as Indy will beat either one and then go to Pittsburgh and beat the Steelers as well in the next round.

...and while I fully expect to beat the Dolphins and Jets in the first round, I just do not like the matchup with the Patriots, should they end up winning the AFC East title and host us in the first round of the playoffs.

...the Ravens can certainly confound and confuse Matt Cassel, the weather and some guy named Randy Moss might think differently.

...if we handle Moss the same way we did TO, we should be okay, although that little man, Wes Welker, scares me due to his ability to cross the field on the short slant for huge gains, which is our defense's Achilles Heel.

...I can't believe that the NFL (Scrooge) fined the Pats Wes Welker $10G for making a snow angel last week in their win over the hapless Cardinals.

...It's only Friday and I've been going silly since last week's amazing game and win over the Cowboys as I wait for this Sunday's playoff clinhing victory over the Jags!