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Santa is a Ravens Fan

He has to be! He certainly doesn't seem to be a Cowboys fan, or even a Steelers fan, if you ask me. He didn't bring them any presents this past week. Unless, of course you want to go all esoteric on me and say they are all healthy and have each other. Or if you want to say that they are still either in or close to in the post season, then I guess that you could say that Santa is just a crazy football fan like you and me.

I'm sure we'll see him dressed in his plush purple suit this Sunday, along with his cute little cheerleading elves scantily clad in their matching elf outfits (I know what I want under my Christmas tree, Santa!). One thing you can be sure of it that we won't be throwing any snowballs at him like the Philly fans did years ago. Ravens fans don't want the world from Santa for Christmas, just a chance to play football in January and perhaps even February. Sprinkle a little bit of that magic dust on Joe Flacco, Ed Reed and yes, even that poor little guy Yamon Figurs, as he needs your help real bad this holiday season. They've done pretty well up to now this year (except of course the little guy, Figurs!), but could probably use that little bit of help. It's been a new experience and a long season for the rookie QB, who is probably only used to playing around 10-12 games and never expected to get hit this hard, this year at least. Even Mr. Reed needs some help, as his neck hurts as well as the rest of his very athletic but sore body, and we need him to feel better over the next month, please Mr. Santa-dude.

I know the Jacksonville Jaguars need a visit from Santa as well this season, but they aren't wishing for the same things as the Ravens. They all just want to find under their trees a job for next year and warm weather when they leave on their vacations after Sunday's game. So they don't need that "magic dust" to help them this Sunday, just let them stay healthy and start their off season, say, around the early third quarter, or even hey, how about by halftime!?

Us Ravens fans don't really need anything, if you take care of our guys on the field and sidelines. We've received more than our fair share this 2008 season and never expected the presents we've received so far. We're so thankful for John, Cam, Rex (no you idiots, not me, the other Rex with one "x"), the other coaches and of course Ozzie and Steve. We're also thankful for you giving the abilities to Joe, Willis, Le'Ron, Lorenzo, Ray, Troy, Todd, Derrick, Mark, Jason, Ben, Marshall (get well soon), Chris, Jared, Adam, and Willie on offense. Also, Ray, Bart, Jarret, Terrell, Trevor, Haloti, Justin, Kelly (get well soon, too), Samari, Fabian, Jim, Dawan (get well soon) and Ed on defense. Finally, we give thanks to our Special Teams guys as well, Matt, Sam, Steve and yes, even Yamon.

There are a bunch of other players, coaches and staff who do a ton of work on the field or behind the scenes, be it football related, or even basic busniess or stadium operations. We Ravens fans are blessed to have what I think is the best organization in all of sports, certainly in this city, as we know that they all have the same single focus as every fan, and that is to do everything in their power to put a winner on the field for all of us. For that, I look forward to every season and every game all year around (thank you NFL Network!) and have grown to love the color purple.

Thank you Santa, and bless you Baltimore Ravens!