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Week 16: NFL Picks & Pans

Last week was a slight reversal of the prior week, but nothing like I've been most of the season. I got off to a decent start so far this week by taking the Colts over the Jags, even though they tried every which way to give the game away. Let's keep it going with a great upset prediction tonight in the Ravens-Cowboys Saturday Night Special and then follow it up by a sweet picking day on Sunday and Monday night. Here we go:

Cleveland over Cincinnati: Who cares? Not worth the "ink!"

San Francisco over St. Louis: I like the way Mike Singletary has the 49ers playing and we all know Jim Haslett is also gone once the season is over for the Rams.

New Orleans over Detroit: Is this the week the Lions get the refrigerator off their backs and stop history from being made? No.

Pittsburgh over Tennessee: Don't expect the Titans to make any excuses if they lose this game and the #1 playoff seed because of the loss of d-linemen Albert Haynesworth and Kyle Vander Bosch. Tennessee will throw everything else at the Steelers to prevent them from coming into their crib and punking them. However, as we learned last week, Big Ben and the Steelers always seem to find a way to do just that.

Kansas City over Miami: One of my upset Special Picks of the Week, as the Chiefs have played tough at home, despite their terrible record. The Dolphins have been a great surprise, much less staying in the playoff hunt, but here's where they begin to slip away as KC springs the upset.

New England over Arizona: If the Cardinals were able to pull of the upset, then the Ravens-Cowboys game might not be so critical to Baltimore. That would mean that if Baltimore beat Jacksonville in our final game, we would make it in the playoffs as the 6th seed, as two of the three AFC East teams would then finish 1-1 at best in their last two games. But this game is not about the Ravens, and the Cards have not be able to come to the east coast and win this season, while the Pats will throw the weather and Randy Moss at them all day!

Tampa Bay over San Diego: The Bucs look to nail down the #5 playoff seed in the NFC while San Diego's unlikely charge to overtake the Broncos mathematically ends.

Houston over Oakland: The Texans have played great since Matt Schaub's return, as they are on something like a four game win streak, while the Raiders,...well,...nevermind.

Denver over Buffalo: The Broncos have to win another game and it might as well be this one before they go down in the first round of the playoffs, no matter whom they face. They have been the NFL's most inconsistent team, just barely edging their opponent, Buffalo, who has gone from a playoff contender early in the season to pretender as of now.

Seattle over NY Jets: My other upset Speical Pick of the Week, also in the AFC East. The Jets have looked really suspect and barely survived being upset a third time in a row last week at home against Buffalo. The Seahawks try to salvage a dismal season as they get some hope for the future by upsetting the playoff hopes of the Jets and the aging arm of Brett Favre.

Minnesota over Atlanta: This is a tough game for both teams and a loss will probably doom the Falcons to spectators for the post season. The Vikings are clinging to the lead in the NFC North and plan to shut down Michael Turner and force the rookie Matt Ryan to beat them while they give the Falcons a huge dose of AP all day.

Philadelphia over Washington: Seriously, I don't see the Redskins winning another game this season the way they're playing and I bet the Lions wished they were playing Washington right now, as I'd pick the Lions at this point. Philly has rebounded amazingly after sinking to the bottom in their 36-7 loss in Baltimore. Meanwhile the Redskins offense has disappeared and the internal rioting has begun.

NY Giants over Carolina (Sunday Night Football): I fully expect the Giants to rebound and defend not only their turf but their #1 playoff seeding over the team that dares to invade their territory and snatch it away. The Panthers have played excellent football, but if the Giants limp into the post season on at least a three game skid, then their season is beginning to look like the opposite of last, when they finished with a flurry. Either way, the winner of this game should expect to see the other team again in their home crib for the NFC Championship, although the Cowboys and their fans might have something to say about that!

Chicago over Green Bay (Monday Night Football): The Pack has greatly disappointed the latter part of this season as it appears that Aaron Rodgers has hit the wall and their defense has just not performed well at all. Meanwhile Kyle Orton continues to get the job done with a rookie RB, even though their defense is not what it used to be.

Last Week: 8-7

Season Record: 134-87-1