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Put Art Modell in the Hall of Fame

A little break from this week's matchup on prime time Sunday night against the Washington Redskins to focus on a topic that hits a nerve whenever it is brought up. A local sportstalk radio station (WNST-1570AM) is having a week long discussion on their afternoon drive show hosted by Rob Long about getting Art Modell into the HOF this year. Modell is one of 25 nominees that must be pared down to 15 semi-finalists by a vote that ends this week. That group of 15 semi-finalists will be announced in early January and the induction class, which is usually between 4-7 people, will be announced the day before Super Bowl 43.

I called into the show that featured guests and callers who were all pretty much totally in favor of Modell's inclusion into this honored group of contributors to the NFL, be it on the field, sidelines or behind the scenes. I spoke about the incredible anger, resentment and desire of the Cleveland fans I've "met" through SB Nation and on this and the Brown's blog site. They would prefer to see Modell rot in hell long before they would even consider seeing him garner that well deserved honor. I'm posting a FanPost over on their site with a link to this story, so get ready to see the "other" side of the story! While you may not agree one bit with their hatred for such a humble, great man, you will see a much different perspective and have to relate in some misguided way in their attempts to paint a picture of someone just like former Baltimore Colts owner Robert Irsay and what he did to the city of Baltimore when he stole the Colts out of this town in the middle of a snowy night and snuck them to Indianapolis after promising he would not move the team.

Let's fill this blog with comments and opinions of why this man needs to receive his just due and be voted into the NFL Hall of Fame by his peers before he passes away and is unable to acknowledge his recognition as a valuable part of the NFL's history and development.


Post Publication Note: When I posted a summary and link to this story over at the Cleveland Browns blog site (DawgsbyNature), they put a couple of angry personal comments up and then closed it to further comments. They just don't like anyone over there who isn't a blindly loyal Browns fans. Too bad, as listening and sharing differences of opinions are what shaped this blogosphere, much less the entire country. Pretty narrow minded by my take.

12/3/08 Update: There have been a ton of great comments on this obviously hot topic. While we may not agree with the "opposing" point of view, we eagerly trade opinions while respecting their perspectives. Not so true once again over at the Cleveland Browns site, as they now have a new FanPost trying to rationalize why the Oakland Raiders' owner Al Davis deserves to be in the HOF while Art does not. Since it was posted by a Browns' fan, my thought is that it will be allowed to stay open. That is, until us Ravens fans fill it with our comments. Check it out and go for it by clicking....oh nevermind, the FanPost was pulled sometime today, as I predicted. Classic! (updated 6pm).