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It's just my opinion, but...

...I thought the Indianapolis Colts were doing everything possible to give away last night's game as well as the 5th seed in the playoffs.

...something tells me that Peyton Manning was never worried and knew they could outgun the Jags in the end.

...the incredible thing is that if the Colts defense can "hold" the opposition to under 30 points, the Colts will always have a chance to win. Crazy! just wouldn't be surprised to see the Colts win three in a row on the road on their way to Super Bowl 43. tough as it will be to win in Pittsburgh and Tennessee, they can certainly do both, as neither team has been as consistent as Indy over the past two months.

...Pittsburgh should be the favorite over the Titans this weekend, even in Tennessee, due to the loss of Haynesworth and Vanden Bosch.

...while that makes the Steelers the top seed and a possible second round matchup for the Ravens if when they make the playoffs and if when they beat the #3 seed.

...I may be one of the few that truly wants another shot at the Steelers this season.

...something tells me that the Ravens' players would join with me on that one.

...the Steelers would also agree that they'd rather face us than the Colts, as Indy has already proven that they can beat Pittsburgh this year.

...either way, whomever the 3rd and 4th seeds end up being, they are one and done as home teams in the first round of the playoffs if the Ravens join the Colts as Wild Card entries.

...the Ravens MUST win this week and next week at home vs. Jacksonville, and not rely on other scenerios to back in.

...the Ravens actually could lose to Dallas and still make the playoffs if two of the three AFC East teams split their next two games.

...either the Jets or the Dolphins will at least go 1-1, as they play each other in week 17 in the Meadowlands.

...the Pats should be able to beat the Cardinals this weekend, but you know who I'm rooting for!?

...I'd rather take the options out of anyone else's hands and do it myself, and start with an upset victory in Dallas tomorrow night.

...does it seem to you that the NFL Network was gushing over the Cowboys last night during the Colts-Jags game?

...I bet the schedule makers were looking to expect the Cowboys to destroy the horrible Ravens when this game was put on the schedule after the terrible seaon the Ravens had in 2007.

...a caller into a local sports talk radio station said this, and compared it to the Yankees closing down their historic stadium last year by hosting the Baltimore Orioles. you think these are both coincidences? Hmm....

...nothing would make me prouder than to disappoint millions of Cowboys fans around the country as "America's Team" is blasted in their final game at Texas Stadium.

...hey, I'm a Ravens fan and this is my blog, dammit, so I can do what I want!