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Week 15: NFL Picks & Pans

Last week was another tough one, as I wasn't able to come through on my upset picks, even though they came close with Seattle falling to New England late and my almost picking SF to upset the Jets. Still, the overall record is outstanding and I picked the Ravens game correctly and as I stated in this same spot last week, that after all, isn't that what really matters? That goes even more significantly for this week's game, which might be the most significant regular season game in Ravens history. Besides, as I'll pick & pan that game tomorrow, we will all be very satisfied if when my pick comes through in the Ravens-Steelers game.

Let's get moving on this week's games, so we can then all go back to focusing and obsessing on the Ravens game:

Atlanta over Tampa Bay: The Bucs did nothing to help themselves last week in Carolina and now look to possibly lose QB Jeff Garcia while the Falcons are on the edge of a possible Wild Card berth.

Cincinnati over Washington: Here we go with my Upset Special Pick of the Week! The Bengals are absolutely horrible but the Redskins did nothing to show me that they can win any game, even against the one-win Bungels.

San Diego over Kansas City: The Chargers seem to think that they still have an outside chance of winning the AFC West and a win over the disappointing Chiefs will only help keep the fantasy alive.

St. Louis over Seattle: I really couldn't decide and didn't want to put a ton of thought into this snoozer, so I took the home team, as both are just looking forward to time off after this month.

Indianapolis over Detroit: I'm sort of going out on a limb on this one. I am hoping that the Colts, after playing the Bengals last week and the Lions tomorrow, fall asleep enough to lose their last two to the Jags and Titans to fall out of the playoffs!

Miami over San Francisco: The Dolphins just won't go away quietly this season and stay in the playoff hunt for another week. The 49ers came east and were the first west coast team to win on this coast but won't do it again.

NY Jets over Buffalo: I was thinking about the Bills rebounding and upsetting the Jets, but I just cannot envision the riots after the Jets dropped their third upset game in a row, so I've got to take them at home or my head will burst!

Tennessee over Houston: The Texans are a much better team with Matt Schaub back, but the Titans are still playing all out and should be able to run all over Houston.

Green Bay over Jacksonville: This was another game that I was looking to put on my upset list. However, every time I try to get on the Jags bandwagon, the wheels fall off. At the same time, the Packers have severely disappointed the Green Bay fans as well as myself, and are going nowhere this season, except back to the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field (there, said it again!).

Arizona over Minnesota: This could be a tough one for either team if they decide not to show up. The Vikings are desperate for a win to stay in the race for the NFC North title but face a great passing offense that wants to stay in tune for the playoffs and does a very good job defending its own turf.

Carolina over Denver: Denver came east and beat the Falcons but will find it a lot tougher to do the same in Carolina against a stout Panthers defense and well balanced offense, as the Chargers inch ever so closer and closer...

New England over Oakland: I actually thought about putting this game in my upset list, as the Pats stayed on the left coast after squeaking by Seattle and the Raiders have had 10 days to digest the beating they took from San Diego.

Dallas over NY Giants: I don't see the Giants overcoming the loss of both Brandon Jacobs and Plaxico Burress to beat a Cowboys team that is trying to stay in the playoff hunt for the Wild Card. Both teams have internal soap opera issues that won't follow them onto the field as the Giants offense is just missing too much.

Philadelphia over Cleveland (Monday Night Football): ESPN must be cursing the football gods who made the Browns the darlings of the NFL last year only to see them plummet faster than the Dow Jones this year. The Eagles have rebounded and seem intent on grabbing a Wild Card slot while the Browns just want to go their own separate ways at the end of the month.

(Note: I took the Saints this past Thursday over the Bears, so that's already one in the loss column for this week. However, I'm due brownie points for my honesty!)

Last Week:  7-8

Season Record:  126-80-1