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It's just my opinion, but...

...the lead up to this week's game between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers has been insane! The FanPost here from a Steeler's Perspective and on the Steelers blogger's site, Behind the Steel Curtain, from me, have each had over 180 comments and it's STILL only Friday morning! The banter and trash talking has been excellent, with great points made by both sides.

...I actually surprised about how civil the discussions have been (for the most part), knowing the hatred between the two teams' fans, and especially knowing some of Beatdown's contributors! ;)

...something tells me it's all gonna get amped up in the next day or so.

...this is beginning to look to me like a championship game atmosphere, one that might make the rest of the season, including the playoffs, almost seem anticlimatic.

...unless, of course, we end up meeting AGAIN, in the AFC Championship Game.

...don't laugh, as I can see that happening the way both teams have been playing lately.

...although I'm sure there are a couple of other teams that may take issue with that.

...those teams are located in Tennessee and Indianapolis.

...I'm sorry, but I was NOT talking about those teams located in New York, New England, Miami or Denver.

...I still say that any of those listed immediately above this comment are one and done if they make the post season.

...I am basing this on my thinking that the Colts and either the Steelers or Ravens will be the two Wild Cards and both will beat any of the two division winners that host the first round of the playoffs no matter who they are.

...Sunday's Ravens-Steelers game will closely resemble the war between them earlier this season, when the Steelers came back to win at home on Monday Night Football in OT, 23-20.

...the Ravens are a better team, especially on offense, than they were in week four in that game. can easily argue that the Steelers are a better team as well.

...both teams' defenses might actually be considered better than they were back then as well, which has to be a scary thought for both teams' fans, much less offenses.

...the Ravens fans are boasting the better offense for a change, which is a pleasant change in this rivalry.

...but it may not matter because of the incredible defenses that we'll see on the field.

...and besides, I seem to remember a Ravens team that won the Super Bowl with a "questionable" offense.

...we all know the saying, "offense wins highlights, defense wins championships!"

...that is why the team that plays the best defense and causes the most mistakes, turnovers, etc. will win Sunday.

...I think there will be more points than most people are saying, as they seem to even think it might be a battle of field goals, say 9-6.

...I certainly don't have the confidence that we can win the battle of FG kickers this year.

...I have loved reading all the comments that have been posted all week and look forward to more the rest of the weekend.

...Monday will be a letdown of sorts, as this game will be history, and although it will probably almost be guaranteed to be on the NFL Network's Instant Replay during next week, the focus on the Ravens next opponent, Dallas, as glamourous as they are, will just not come close to this week's matchup.

...notice how no one has mentioned anything about the next Ravens game, as everyone is focused on what is being called the biggest game in Baltimore Ravens regular season history? will be so loud at the game, especially when Ray Lewis comes out of the tunnel through the fog, which you just have to be there to feel the excitement.

...there is nothing like that when it gets quiet, the fog flows, the flames shoot out and then the music starts as Ray dances out, picks up the blades of grass and the place absolutely goes insane!

...join with me in making hte next two days the best we've had on Baltimore Beatdown by posting all your thoughts as well as you have all week. Thanks for all the great comments and for behaving like the classy and knowledgeable fans we already knew we were.

..."they were who we thought they were!"