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Chris McAlister out for the Year

I was expecting the announcement, and now its here.  C-Mac is out for the year.  Supposedly, the Ravens were considering Hall as a replacement, but he was only to be considered at Ozzie's mantra of "right player, right price."  I'm not a big MeAngelo Hall supporter but we could definitely use the depth for our possible playoff run.

All the speculation is for naught as NFL Network's Adam Schefter has reported this afternoon that Hall had reached a one-year agreement with the Washington Redskins.

I wonder how much this one cost Danny Boy.  So much for that idea....

McAlister Done for the Season

I think McAlister may be done in Baltimore.  It will most likely come down to his cap number, how his knee feels, and whether Coach Harbaugh and Ozzie think he will fall in line under the new regime.  

What are your thoughts on retaining C-Mac? 

Should we let him go to free up money for a big time WR, and take a CB as his replacement in the 1st or 2nd round of April's Draft?  At this point I'm leaning in that direction.

Your thoughts?