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It's just my opinion, but...

...the Ravens victory over the Cleveland Browns was as much a victory for our offense as any game has been over the past few years- at least!

...the Browns certainly helped us with their inept defense when it counted and poor playcalling when they tried to get the running game going after they had us on the ropes with their passing game.

...their second half meltdown for the second game in four days, this time against the Broncos, was extremely similar to the Ravens win. certainly proves that the Browns are just a bad team this year, regardless of whomever lines up under center.

...the Browns would have lost even if Derek Anderson was the starter, as it's the defense that is the problem, not the offense.

...I agree with the national media who seem to think Romeo Crennel was influenced by the fans to start Quinn, when Anderson played good enough to win, with the one huge mistake that T-Sizzle returned for six.

...they all seem to forget that if Braylon Edwards had caught that long, perfect throw from Anderson, the Browns probably would have put that game away.

...I had a huge smile on my face as the Broncos drove in for that winning score last night, imagining how pissed off the Browns fans were feeling.

...I'm guessing they still think they're better than the Broncos, they lost the game instead of giving Denver any credit, just like they did for the Ravens game.

...did I say I'm loving life watching the hated Browns sink deeper into nothingness?

...if the Ravens lose Sunday to the Texans, I may know how the Browns fans feel.

...if the Ravens can win Sunday at Houston, lose at the Giants but come back to Baltimore to defeat the Eagles, we'll be sitting at 7-4, which will be in serious playoff territory.

...after that, our last five games include home contests vs. Washington, Pittsburgh and Jacksonville and road games at Cincinnati and Dallas.

...we can definitely hold our own at home and split on the road at the least, which would give us a regular season record of 11-5, which would be an incredible turnaround.

...11-5 might actually win the AFC North, as the Steelers still have some tough games, including this weekend's game vs. Indy, although at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, which I expect them to win.

...if the Steelers somehow hang on to win the division, then 11-5 should get us a Wild Card spot, which would still be a huge accomplishment for a team with a rookie QB. will be great to see us in the hunt and refreshing after last years 5-11 embarassing season.

...playing games that actually mean something makes a huge difference every Sunday, and doing the same in December will be even more exciting.

...can't say the same thing for the Browns' fans! Ouch, that was mean.