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The Way I See It....

Frank Walker - I have been defending this guy forever, it seems.  His play has steadily improved from the preseason.  Remember, he was brought here to be the dime back, not the starter.  Filling in as a starter though, he has done pretty well, and helped us roll off three straight victories.  Since C-Mac got burned for long touchdowns repeatedly against the Colts, how many big passing TD's have we given up?  I think the Frank Walker signing is starting to look like a huge pickup for the Ravens.  Where would we be without him?

John Harbaugh - Sure, he still makes the occasional gaffe on a challenge, but I think its clear to us all that Coach Harbaugh is going to be around for a long time.  His motivational and leadership skills are already in the top echelon of NFL coaches.  Mike Singletary anyone?

Cleveland Fans - If you want to be delusional about your team, go right ahead.  Nobody cares.  On the other hand, please stop making comments like, "you might have won the game but you have to live in Baltimore."  The thought that Cleveland, aka The Mistake By the Lake, is a better place to live then Baltimore is laughable.  My company is based near Cleveland, and I have been there many times.  Loyalty to your hometown is one thing, but Cleveland? Really?  I would go on but to do so diminishes Baltimore by comparison.

Ed Reed - Baltimore Beatdown poster Ravens, mentioned this in a fan post, but what Ed Reed is doing is going somewhat unnoticed.  He was forced to transform his game as result of his injury.  He is no longer as physical as he has been, but he has made up for it with smarts and leadership.  Not only is he always in position, he is also keeping our young, inexperienced guys in the right place as well.

Shaun Rodgers - He is a beast, when he is on the field, and has a chance to make the Pro Bowl.  Haloti has a chance to be the top player at his position for a long time.  For Dawgs By Nature to argue that he is far superior to Ngata is laughable.  I would bet that not one NFL GM would consider picking Rodgers over Ngata, even without the age difference.  *Mr.MaLOr, this illustrates "grasping at straws" by Browns fans*

Jason Brown - Dude deserves to be in the Pro Bowl this year.  Period.

Ray Rice - Last week I wrote that Willis should remain the starter, due to his experience and salary.  Scratch that thought.  This past game has unexpectedly thrust us into the Ray Rice era due to his stellar, all-around play.  Our unexpected introduction to the Joe Flacco era has been an unequivocal success, so I say roll with it.  Let the young guys grow together for the next, say, 8 years or so. 

Suggs - He needs to keep his mouth shut, that much is clear after the past few weeks spent prying his foot from his mouth.  On the other hand, if T-Sizzle keeps playing like he is, he can say whatever the hell he wants.  He's positioning himself to become a very rich man.  Can you say Dwight Freeney Money?

Ozzie -  Where is everyone who was calling for Ozzie's head this summer?  Whats that?  We found our QB of the future?  We might be set at RB/QB for the next 8 years?  Hopefully this past draft will silence his critics.  He one of the best in the biz, and has been since he came to Baltimore.

Joe Flacco - Do you think he'll have a Uni brow on his statue?