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It's just my opinion, but...

...were the three Thanksgiving Day & Night games the most one-sided Turkey Bowls you've seen in a long time? I guess the NFL thinks that they can put the hapless Lions on TV every Thanksgiving and since there's no other games on at that time, we'll all watch it anyway. Sort of like a terrible accident. You try to look away but can't help peeking through your fingers at the calamity of it all!

...the Lions are a lock to get the #1 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, and look to finish winless, as they are an abysmal team on both sides of the ball.

...the Detroit players still must be thankful this Thanksgiving that they have a job playing football in the NFL, a dream for the rest of us.

...many of those guys will probably not be playing football next year and will be stuffing their faces on their couches just like us!

...the Titans sure found the best possible way to get well this week, and put the loss to the Jets behind them.

...Tennessee placekicker Rob Bironas is money on just about every attempt,as he easily hit all four of his FG's from over 40 yards. Take that, Matt Stover!

...Kerry Collins is going to make it very tough for Vince Young to return under center anytime soon, if at all in the future.

...I'm not too sure where he could go and be successful at this point in his career.

...even though their running attack was shut down by the Ravens, both LenDale Whie and Chris Johnson still look pretty formidable as a tandem.

...the Cowboys are looking like they are heading for a playoff spot, although it will have to be as a Wild card.

...whomever has to face them in the first round of the post season will not be happy, and will probably also lose to them.

...I can't wait to see how we will stack up against them when we close out their stadium's final game before the Cowboys move into their billion dollar new home next season.

...I would have rather faced Dallas next year, so that I could selfishly consider a road trip to see their new digs.

...the Arizona Cardinals are not nearly as impressive when they have to travel east, as they are something like 0-3 on this coast.

...Donovan McNabb shut up many of his critics, but there will always be those in Philly who are never satisfied until he's run out of town and then leads the Bears or Vikings to the Super Bowl.

...I was real happy to see the Eagles rebound as I had predicted, which makes our victory over them look a heck of a lot better than it would have if the Cards had gone into the Linc and kicked their asses as well.

...the Bengals blogger, Kirkendall, over at Cincy Jungle, had a nice Thanksgiving post yesterday that I recommend you read to get a better perspective on the better things to be thankful for than just winning on the field.

...I left a comment thanking him for the mention and wishing him luck, but just not this Sunday!