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Happy Thanksgiving! Today's Games

Just taking a break from all things Ravens to wish everyone (yes, even the ,...gulp,...Cleveland fans, even though they don't have as much to be thankful for) a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. The kids are home from school, eating and now drinking everything in the house, having tons of friends over to mess up the basement and parking all over the lawn, knocking down driveway lights, leaving the doors open and lights on all over the house throughout the entire night, spilling beer on the carpet, smelling the house up with their blunts and who knows what else, and.....oh wait, get a grip, Rexx. Uhhh....nevermind (<---has issues).

Anyway,...the Ravens probably have a practice this morning then off to their homes to enjoy a festive meal and watch some Thursday football, as there are three games for us to enjoy, although only one involving an AFC team. I heard yesterday from former Dallas Cowboys GM Gil Brandt on Sirius NFL Network, that the reason the Lions and Cowboys are always playing on Thanksgiving is that when the league started this, they were the only teams who agreed to play at this point of the week and have been schedued as such ever since. However, I'd like to see more rivalry games that might have a higher interest level than some of these one-sided affairs. Of course, perhaps the NFL is thinking that they can put the Lions on every Thanksgiving even if they suck because it's the only game on and we have no other choice. Hmmm,...pretty smart thinking, those NFL brainiacs!

So, to stay up to date with my weekly selections, here are my Picks & Pans for the Thanksgiving Games:

Teneessee over Detroit: Wow, wouldn't it stir up a lot if the Lions pulled the upset and won their first game today? The Titans would also have lost their second in a row and now the Indianapolis Colts would start frothing at their mouths! However, something tells me that ain't gonna happen, as the Titans will be ready and angry to take out the frustration of losing their first game on the hapless Lions. Expect some big days out of the Titans RB's and enough from QB Kerry Collins to satisfy their passing attack. Meanwhile, the Detroit braintrust is probably focusing on whom to take with their first pick of the 2009 NFL Draft than what to do with this team the rest of the 2008 season!

Dallas over Seattle: To be honest with you, I actually think this game will be closer than the point spread suggests (-12.5). The Seahawks have had QB Matt Hasselbeck back for a couple of weeks now and Dallas' pass defense is nothing to write home about. At the same time, Tony Romo is back and appears to once again be in sync with TO, as evidenced by last week's connections between the two. Dallas is on a mission to get in the playoffs while the Seattle players are auditioning for next year. I expect a high scoring game with Dallas scoring more than Seattle.

Philadelphia over Arizona: Yes, that is correct. Despite the Eagles horrible performances the past two weeks in tying the Cincinnati Bengals and getting blown out by our Baltimore Ravens (yea!), the Eagles are now home and have defended their home turf pretty well this season. I expect a big bounce back game from Donovan McNabb, to quiet his naysayers (that will never happen) and continue the controversy of what to do with him once the season is completed (hint: 'da Bears!). The Cardinals have a great passing attack but the Eagles defense has played well in their two recent defeats. I expect both teams to put up the points but the Eagles pass rush and secondary makes the difference as they collect more turnovers than the Cardinals and edge Arizona in what is my Upset Special Pick of the Day.

(NOTE: I'll make my Picks & Pans of the rest of this weekend's game on Saturday and the Ravens-Bengals game on Sunday.)