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A Lot To Be Thankful For

I was meaning to post this right after the game but things happen.  I jotted down a few thoughts during the game, so hopefully they still make sense after the fact....

  • Jared Gaither - You don't realize how much we miss him until he's gone.  Thankfully he entered the game just after I wrote this.  I don't think his impact this year can be understated.  I don't think anyone could of dreamed of him performing better in J.O.'s absence.
  • What a pick by Fabian.  Another steal by Ozzie in the off season.  Over the past two off seasons, Ozzie was able to fill in two of the most important positions (CB and LT) with potential 5+ year starters for the cost of a 4th and 5th round pick.  If anyone had any doubts that hes the best in the business, there ya go.  
  • Jarrett Johnson is a beast.  No longer can be considered the "weak link" of the D.  Jarrett has become a force, and has basically given us what we lost with AD.
  • Don't get too carried away with Flacco's lack of accuracy in the first half.  Give credit to Jim Johnson's D.  Joe had not seen anything like it to this point in his career.
  • Why not run LeRon more early?  He was the only Raven having any early success (save for the failed 3rd down conversion), and with Bunkley banged up, why not let McClain punish the Eagles D. (Coach Harbaugh Agreed)
  • Westbrook is not himself at all.  He is trying to play through the pain but at some point they need to let him get better.  That just got a whole lot more difficult with Buckhalter on the shelf for 2-4 weeks with a MCL sprain.
  • Nice to have you back, Wilcox.  For all the talk of the Ravens needing a new TE, they have a nice stable with Heap, Wilcox, and Sypnewski.  Now if they could all stay healthy for a season we'd be set.
  • Jameel McClain/ Antwan Barnes - Does anyone else think that when Ozzie retires from the NFL he could open a linebacker farm where he picks up undrafted LB's, trains them for a year, and sells them to NFL teams like the Browns and Bengals.  The man knows how to draft and develop LB's like no one else.  Seriously, I think it would work.
  • Samari Rolle has been quietly very solid this year.  Take out his horrific 2006, when he was dealing with epilepsy issues unknown at the time, and he has been a great pick up, as we desperately need his veteran presence and saavy with out C-Mac in the lineup.
  • Ed Reed is Back!!!  What a play maker.  Troy Polawho?  Ed looks like hes in a video game running down the sideline... Juke, Stiff Arm, Hurdle, Cut Back, Touchdown.  108 Yards.  Broke his own NFL Record.  He's just starting to get his confidence back.  There is no greater defensive playmaker in the NFL when hes playing well.  Just check out the attention he draws on punts. 
  • Why would Andy Reid make a QB switch at halftime?  Sure, Donovan looked bad, but did he really think a rookie would come into the Ravens house and lead a second half comeback?  Get the F*ck out of here.

In the Thanksgiving spirit we all have a lot to be thankful for this season.

I'm thankful for Ed's health and return to prominence.

I'm also thankful our team is not the Browns or Bengals.  Sure, some of there fans are poor sports, but if you were a die hard Browns fan, you'd be bitter as well.

Use the comments to list yours......