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It's just my opinion, but...

...the Cincinnati Bengals had a slim chance of beating the Steelers last night and even less once it was announced that Chad Ocho Cinco wasn't playing.

...Roethlisberger seems to always get out of what looks to about be a sack, only to make a completion at a key point in the game.

...I guess that's part of the reason they've been able to pull out games even when he doesn't play so well.

...that's the mark of a good team, as I've always said you don't have to be good to win, just good enough (see Trent Dilfer, circa 2000-01).

...I can see the future, as we will be either tied or right on the Steelers' heels when our December 14th 1pm game is moved to prime time by the NFL.

...I hate the late games, as it makes for a long night and we don't exactly tear it up on national TV.

...I think this time it will be different, as we just lost in OT in a game we could have won earlier in the season and we are a better team now.

...our improvement is mainly due to the additional experience that Joe Flacco has gotten each game, and he is much better at home (other than the Titans game).

...the Eagles are a dangerous team and can score as well as most teams.

...they can also implode even better than most teams, as evidenced by their embarassing OT tie at Cincinnati.

...I couldn't care less whether or not Donovan McNabb knows the OT rule, as long as the coach knows it. me, the fact McNabb didn't know the rule had nothing to do with the OT tie.

...perhaps McNabb's three interceptions and one fumble contributed to the tie?

...if he has three more interceptions this Sunday against the Ravens, the Eagles will limp home at 5-5-1 and virtually out of the NFC playoff race.

...if the Ravens beat the Eagles, then go on the road and do the same to the Bengals, then I say they return home the following week to host the Redskins and continue their winning ways.

...I'm still not impressed with the Redskins, despite their staying in the playoff race.

...while Clinton Portis is having a great season, he won't be running against us, as he's no Brandon Jacobs.

...without a running game, the 'skins can't rely on Jason Campbell to pass them to victory.

...defensively, the Redskins' pass rush is virtually nonexistent and Joe Flacco will calmly stand tall in the pocket until he finds an open receiver.

...the fans will go crazy to see us beat our neighbors to the south, who we need to remember, did all they could to prevent us from getting an NFL franchise the years before we landed the Ravens.

...we will be focusing on the Eagles this Sunday and we will rebound behind the great fans at M&T Bank Stadium to defend our home turf.