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Ravens "Beat Down" Browns: 37-27

Wow, what a great win on the road, against a division opponent, no less! When was the last time this team came from 14 down in the second half to win by ten points? When was the last time the only Ray we'll be talking about all week is Ray RICE, not Lewis?

What about the offensive stats lines:Flacco-248 passing yards; Rice: 154 rushing yards; Mason 136 receiving yards? Talk about a thorough team victory, easily the most complete of the season.

More comments to come. Love to hear your thoughts on this one.

NOTE: Once again, I implore all Ravens fans to stay away from the Browns site, as all your comments will do at this time is infuriate them even more. The Ravens victory spoke well enough for all of us. Let's rise above what has happened and move onto enjoying this victory and preparing for another tough road game next week in Houston. Thanks for you cooperation!