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It's just my opinion, but...

...the Patriots pushed the Jets all over the field last night, but always seemed to find a way to screw up, be it a fumble or a poor snap that took multiple scoring chances away from them and cost them the game.

...the Jets looked a lot better than I expected, as I've thought the Brett Favre "hype machine" had them ranked higher than they deserved.

...I can't see either Miami or Buffalo figuring in the playoff mix, although they will have their chances to make a difference.

...whomever doesn't win the AFC East division crown will make it in as a Wild Card.

...if the above plays true, then it will be between the Colts, Steelers and yes, the Ravens for the other Wild Card.

...of course, that will only depend on who ends up on top of the AFC North, Pittsburgh or Baltimore.

...both teams have tough schedules and whomever survives will take the division crown.

..if one of us fails to hold their own through the remainder of the season, it could easily open the door for the Colts to make the playoffs once again.

...the Colts will definitely have to make it as a Wild Card, because the Tennessee Titans have a four game lead with seven to play.

...the Titans can go 3-4 to finish at 12-4 and the Colts would have to go undefeated just to tie them!

...even if the Titans do go 3-4 (which they won't), that will probably easily still be good enough for the #1 playoff seed in the AFC.

...the Titans host the Steelers later this season, which is good news for Ravens fans.

...I chose NOT to start Matt Cassel last night on my fantasy team (bad move), as that is just one of the many reasons I am in the divsion basement.

...the Ravens-Giants game was lucky it was not moved to the prime time 8pm slot, as it should be the best game of the weekend.

...the Cowboys-Redskins rivalry got the late game on Sunday night, but the way Dallas is playing, it is not what it once was. you think the Monday Night Football decision makers liked the Cleveland Browns after their fluke of a year in 2007 by putting them on so many prime time games and now have to kick themselves as the Browns may be the league's biggest disappointment (which I am loving!).

...the word around here is that the remaining Ravens games against the Eagles, Redskins and/or Steelers may be moved to the Sunday late games as they get closer, depending on their significance.

...I hear the Eagles game is being put into the prime time slot, which I hope doesn't happen, as the Ravens are horrible on prime time and it makes for a real late night.

...a win may help the Ravens finally get a little love from the so-called experts, who keep picking them to lose almost every week and have them as the lowest ranked 6-3 team on ESPN's latest Power Rankings.

...I prefer that they keep flying below the radar, which certainy won't continue to be the case if they when they beat the New York Giants this Sunday!