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The Ravens are Legit

  • Yamon Figurs explosiveness is slowly coming back. When Yamon is on his game he’s one of the few guys in the NFL who give the impression they were shot out of cannon every time they touch the ball. If he’s healthy he could be big for us in the second half of the season.
  • There is no doubt we will lock Suggs up this off season.  He is shaping into one of the most dominant pass rushers in the NFL.  He can play the run and drop in coverage as well, a rare skill set, and a true franchise player.  Did I mention he's only 25?
  • Speaking of franchise players, Haloti Ngata, has been superb this year.  The scary thing is he's just scratching the surface of his potential.  Like I've said many times, I'd take Ngata not only over Rogers, but over any other young DT in the NFL.
  • How many teams have two true franchise players on their D, (Ray and Reed), yet are in a position to transition to two new franchise guys (Suggs and Ngata) as their careers wind down?
  • While common knowledge (his age, wear and tear...) would lead one to believe Ray Lewis is winding down, my eyes tell me differently.  Ray is still a straight BEAST, as evidenced by his two INT's, and team leading eight tackles yesterday.
  • Eight tackles may not seem like a lot, but when the opposing team only has the ball for 23 minutes, opportunities are scarce.
  • I am convinced we have the best coaching staff in the league.  John Harbaugh has shown tremendous leadership ability.  He may botch a challenge every now and again, but overall, I'm thrilled with his progress.
  • Cam is a breath of fresh air.  He managed to get everyone involved yesterday, and opened up the playbook like we haven't ever seen in Baltimore (At least not since Vinny).  Whens the last time we took so many shots down field?
  • Joe Flacco is improving noticeably each week.  He repeatedly challenged the Houston DB's with deep passes, and boy, does he throw a beautiful deep ball.  His QB rating has been above 80 for four straight weeks, with three out of the past four weeks over 109.  His season QB  rating is now just under 80.  Yesterday was his best game in regards to getting everyone involved, completing 15 passes to seven different Ravens.
  • Speaking of getting everyone involved, Todd Heap had his first big day of the season.  He had a team high five catches and caught TD's from Flacco and Troy Smith.
  • Willis McGahee looked great yesterday.  Say what you will about his work ethic, but there is no doubt he is a gamer.  Moving forward he should be the quasi starter but they will continue to ride the hot back, as they should.
  • Sure Ray Rice didn't have a great game yesterday with nine touches for 19 yards, but Willis was hot, so Rice's carries were limited.  I wouldn't read anything into this.  He is a huge part of our offense moving forward, and I believe he will be a pro bowl RB for the Ravens in the not too distant future.  
  • I'm glad that the Skins signed MeAngelo Hall.  I don't think he is any more then an average corner at this point.  On top of that, I seriously doubt he'd fit in under the Harbaugh regime.
  • It was great to see Samari Rolle out there yesterday.  He had a definite impact and made three tackles along with an INT.  At this point, factoring in chemistry, experience and play,  I'd rather have him over DeAngelo Hall for the remainder of the season, no contest.
  • Does anyone miss Chris McAlsiter?  Depending on his cap number, he may have played his last game as a Raven.
  • Speaking of last season as a Raven, Matt Stover's tenure as a Raven may be winding down.  13 Year Old Steven Hauschka drilled a 54 yarder, a kick Stover would not even attempt.  I'd still go with Stover for a 35 yard game winning field goal, but the writing is on the wall.  In today's ultra competitive NFL, your kicker must be able to make a 50 yard FG.  I'm not sure Hauschka is the answer long term, but Stover has become a liability in facets of the kicking game.
  • One special teams player we won't have to worry about for a long time is Sam Koch.  No doubt he deserves pro bowl consideration this year.  
  • What a beautiful thing to have a complete team. For years I was jealous of teams with franchise QB’s. Not any more. We finally have an offense to go with our all world defense. Stick around for a few more years Ray. I see another ring in your future. Like Harbaugh said…. Were trying to build a dynasty here.
  • When your watching the Cardinal take on the 49er's tonight, make sure to keep your eye on Anquan Boldin.  If all goes well, he'll be wearing a purple jersey next year, and will be catching TD passes from Flacco for years to come.