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It's just my opinion, but...

...the Ravens stand a pretty good chance of going into Cleveland and beating the Browns.

...the Browns stand a decent chance of winning the game as well.

...if the Ravens and their fans want to start considering talking about the "p" word, then they'd better win this Sunday.

...otherwise they're just a mediocre team and will continue to show promise but the "p" word will not be used.

...on the other hand, if the Browns lose again at home to the Ravens, then any talk of a repeat season of last year will be used along with the word "fluke."

...the Browns fans are angry, bitter and their attempts to term our Ravens fans as "ignorant" is the definition of the pot calling the kettle black.'ve got to hand it to the fans to stick with their team through the thick and the thin, even if the thin is the norm in Cleveland as far as the Browns are concerned.

...I've got a better feeling about the Ravens offense than I can remember ever having in a long, long time.

...while I certainly still expect Joe Flacco to hit the rookie skids at times, I actually expect even more of what I've seen the past two weeks in comparison.

...if Ray Rice can stop his fumbling tendencies, he will be a great alternative to the one-two punch of the two Macs, -Gahee and -Clain (like that!?).

...our Wildcat formation is actually better suited for success than even the Dolphins is, as having a QB run it gives us better options than a RB.

...this new wrinkle Cam has "stolen" from the Dolphins was a great idea and makes total sense to be added to this normally offensively-challenged team.

...we'll continue to see it each game in some form to keep the defense honest.

...can you believe I haven't even mentioned the Ravens defense until now!?

...I'm concerned we're going to find out that CB Chris McAlister's knee injury is worse than expected.

...I'm actually glad to hear that CB Samari Rolle is back, although I'd still prefer to see Fabian Washington on the opponents #1 receiver.

...Rolle's return gives us the depth that we need in the secondary, and if McAlister is okay, then we should be pretty much fine with that group.

...the above opinion only stays if the defensive front seven put pressure on the opponents QB and not give him time to pick us apart, which he will no matter who our corners are.

...I expect Rex Ryan to do whatever is necessary to back my opinions up.

...T-Sizzle should continue to shine on the field, pick up his well deserved payday and keep his mouth shut.

...Ray Lewis will continue to lay out and even perhaps knock out the opposition as he is playing smarter and hitting even harder than he has at any point in his career.

...bring it on the field and then pay up in the locker room without any mention to the press, just like they did in the old days.

...enough of the Browns' fans, as another beatdown over the fading Browns will quiet them for the rest of the year.....or probably not!