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Titans @ Ravens: Questions w/ Music City Miracles

As promised here are my questions (in bold) and Jimmy's responses on the upcoming slugfest between the Baltimore Ravens and visiting Tennessee Titans on Sunday afternoon:

1. Has the change in QB made a huge difference to the continuity of the offense?

The biggest change in the offense has been the decline in the number of turnovers.  Kerry Collins has thrown just 1 pick in 3 games.  That is exactly what the Titans need from their quarterback.  The other passing numbers are pretty much the same.

2. The addition of rookie Chris Johnson to the already tough run game of the Titans make them a threat inside the tackles as well as around the edge? What makes them so good?

 It all starts up front with the offensive line.  Of course I have a biased opinion, but I think this offensive line is one of the best in the NFL.  CJ also gives the Titans that speed demension that they have lacked for so many years.  He is the first guy the Titans have had in the backfield that is a threat to break it big every time he touches it.
3. Can Kerry Collins survive the Ravens vicious pass rush, as he is certainly less mobile than Vince Young?
He can because of the Titans offensive line.  Collins hasn't faced a pass rush that is as good as the Ravens', but in his 3 games started he has only been sacked once.  That is a huge credit to the offensive line.
4. The Titans have always played good defense, especially up the middle. However, what do you attribute the success of the secondary to, after the loss of Pacman Jones, that has performed so well this season?
The secondary has gotten better mainly because of the growth of 3rd-year cornerback Cortland Finnegan and 2nd-year safety Michael Griffin.  Both of those guys are going to be stars in this league.  The Titans also have good experience with cornerback Nick Harper and safety Chris Hope.  The four of them have really gelled as a unit.
5. If you were the Ravens, how would you attack the Titans' defense?
That is a really good question.  There really aren't any weak links in this defense.  They have given up some big plays in the passing game, so I would probably try and take some shots down the field early.  The problem with that is that you have to be able to keep the front four off of Flacco.
6. What do the Titans need to do to win Sunday?
Take care of the ball.  I don't see there being a whole lot of big plays in this game, so the team that wins the turnover battle and sets up some easy scoring opportunities will probably win the game.
7. Predict the score.
 I am a homer, obviously, so I am going to say 20-10 Titans.