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It's just my opinion, but...

...the Ravens should end the weekend with a 4-3 record based on a thumping of the Oakland Raiders Sunday. would be nice to get the game over by the third quarter and coast through the fourth quarter, saving the health of our walking wounded for next week and beyond.

...the Raiders should not be able to run against the league #1 run defense.

...that should force JaMarcus Russell to pass a lot more than the Raiders brass would like to see and unless he has a career day, it might get ugly for Raider Nation.

...speaking of Raider Nation, you've got to love the old guys in the KISS makeup and spiked shoulder pads that appear at every Raiders game.

...if the Ravens try to arm tackle Russell, he'll break free and give the defense fits with his running, even though he hasn't had more than 11 yards rushing in any game this season.

...if Ravens QB Joe Flacco pus together a string of games like the one he showed against the Dolphins, he'll start to be mentioned in the Rookie-of-the-Year conversations.

...if he puts in a few more like he did in the Steelers, Titans and Colts' games, the talk about the Div. 1-AA comparison will continue (I know it's the College Football Subdivision now, but that's just too long to write in this blog!).

...I can't wait to see Ray Lewis "welcome" Darren McFadden to the NFL!, Antwan Barnes or someone else gets another taunting penalty again.

...why does it seem that Barnes get some sort of penalty EVERY game?

...I'd love to hear Ravens head coach John Harbaugh publicly state that he's going to fine the next guy who gets a stupid personal foul penalty, but something tells me the NFLPA's contract won't allow it.

...the NFLPA is a great union, but lags far behind the MLBPA, with their guaranteed contracts and no salary cap.

...this is a football blog and the Orioles stink, although I'd love to see the Rays win the Series.

...Terrell Suggs needs to keep his mouth shut, do his job and earn his next big payday.

...if he plays like he did this past Sunday in Miami, he'll get that huge signing bonus from the Ravens.

...can you say, "buh-bye, Bart?"

...the league, refs and teams don't need any more reasons to keep an eye on the Ravens and give them more bogus personal foul penalties, as they'll never get the benefit of the doubt as long as they continue to act like thugs.

...I think behind closed doors, they actually like the rep they've earned and have zero intention of changing anytime soon.

...even with their "bounty" on Hines Ward, something tells me he'll still get the better of it when the two teams meet later in the season and make no mistake about it, we'll get hit with the penalties, as well as Wards' shoulder.

...while the AFC North may be considered one of the weaker overall divisions in the league, no one enjoys feeling the pain brought by both the Steelers (#1 overall) and Ravens (#2 overall) defenses.

...I'd like to see us go into Cleveland next week 4-3 to punch them in the mouth in their own crib, piss off their fans all next week as we prove we're the better team whether we play them here or in front of their own obnoxious fans!