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It's just my opinion, but...

...while many Ravens fans were satisfied with their close call on Monday night, I'm just pissed that we didn't win a game we should have.

...if we don't start winning those types of games, we have no right to even think about talking about the playoffs.

...the way the Steelers have played this season, they make it hard not to think about the postseason, because they have a very difficult schedule and might do everything they can to keep us in the race.

...if we want to stay in the playoff hunt (there, I already started talking about it!), we had better start taking care of business this week against the Titans.

...if the Browns and Bengals don't get a complete makeover and turnaround, I see very few games that they will win on their schedules, other than the one remaining between them.

...if the Bengals want to start rebuilding, the Ravens would be glad to take either TJ Whoyourmomma or 85 off their hands.

...even though I think I'd rather have TJ, why does it seem that Ocho Cinco would fit perfect here in Baltimore with that cast of characters we already have!?

...why can't we wait until we start winning the big games before our "cast" starts dancing and showing off after every routine play? many times did we whiff on QB sacks due to trying to arm tackle Big Ben Roethlisberger last Monday night (as well said by DT711 in a great FanShot).

...didn't he escape and make some plays downfield that put them into position to win?

...Jarret Johnson said he didn't know he was on the sideline when he hit Hines Ward after the play to draw that painfully stupid personal foul penalty. Would it have been okay to do the same thing in the middle of the field, Jarret!?

...methinks that the next Ravens to incur a personal foul penalty should be fined, tarred and feathered, or at least something to make it clear these "sophomoric" behaviors have to stop so the league and officials stop laughing at us.

...Tennessee's 4-0 record is great, although two of their wins came against winless teams (just like us!) and the first against Jacksonville was at home while the Jags were still trying to figure out what to do about their offensive line woes.

...that being said, their running game has been the most well rounded in the league with Mr. Inside (LenDale White) and Mr. Outside (Chris Johnson).

...their secondary and team defense might be the best in the league, as evidenced by their leading the league in interceptions, sacks and points allowed.

...the way to beat the Titans is too slow down their running game and unleash the pass rush on QB Kerry Collins, to force him into turnovers and a short field for our offense to put some points on the board.

...didn't we crush Collins when he was the NY Giants QB way back in Super Bowl 35 in 2001?

...if we win, then we'll have momentum on our side as we head on the road to Indy and Miami the next two weeks and then host the Raiders.

...if we lose, then we're possibly looking at a loss to Indy and a three game losing streak to totally deflate our early season hopes.

...if we do indeed win Sunday and the Steelers fall flat in Jacksonville, then unleash the bandwagon, as it's going to get full real quick in this city dying for a winner!