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It's just my opinion, but...

...if the Ravens can't beat the Dolphins this week and fall to 2-4, their season is pretty much going to look a lot like last year.

...before you say we can turn it around over the second half, remember we still have to face all four teams from the NFC East.

...right now I can't see us winning any of the games against the Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins and Giants. will be so depressing to have to endure watching the Redskins punk us in our own crib.

...if I have to pick the one game of those four to win, it's definitely the home game against the 'skins.

...if the Ravens players from the "U" spend most of Saturday night and Sunday morning partying with their South Florida dogs, then we'll play like them on Sunday.

...if we had won last year's game and ensured the Dolphins of a perfect (winless) season, we'd be looking pretty confident this weekend.

...we certainly would have won that game if former head coach Brian Billick had the stones to go for the game winner with seconds on the game clock and the ball on the six inch line, rather than settling for the tying FG and losing it in OT.

...that sealed his fate, if it wasn't sealed earlier in what I thought was the worst coaching season I had ever witnessed.

...if Cam Cameron takes the reins off of Joe Flacco and lets him utilize his 6'6" frame and throw to the middle of the field, he will surprise him and do pretty well.

...he will do a heck of a lot better than rolling out and not be able to see the defender he's about to hit in the chest with his pass!

...we should run the ball up the middle all day with Le'Ron McClain behind Lorenzo Neal.

...mix in a couple of passes to keep the Dolphins from stacking the box.

...then run it some more.

...I am predicting the third quarter as the point where McGahee has his typical injury that prevents him from finishing another game.

...I'm going to wear my Ravens colors proudly when I venture to Dolphins Stadium Sunday, without the fear I might have if I was going to Philly, Pittsburgh, or even Oakland.