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Talk about a level playing field!

Wow, the NFL is the model for all sports in terms of parity. After watching the last part of last night's MNF game and seeing the supposedly best team in the league (Giants) lose to one of the worst so far (Browns) makes me shake my head.

(NOTE: I only missed watching the game because I took my son to see the Australian Pink Floyd Show. If you haven't seen them, they're amazingly similar to the actual Pink Floyd and put on an incredible show!).

This weekend showed that the balance of power is so unsteady and the term that is overused, "on any given Sunday..." has never been more true than this year. Usually, it is pretty easy to list the best team in the league, or at least the top couple. Today, you'd have a tough argument picking that one superior team, such as the Patriots last year. I personally thought the Giants were the class of the league, but that sure fizzled last night. I hate to say it, but it is beginning to look like the Steelers are one of the top teams, along with the Titans in the AFC, with the Colts looking to returning to prominance. In the NFC, I thought the East was the beast, but three of the four teams fell flat on their faces in big upsets this weekend and only the bottom dwelling Eagles didn't lose, although for a while they tried to give it away to the 49ers. I still would rank the Giants up there, but would be hard pressed to pick anyone else in the NFC as they all have been either real hot or real cold one week to the next (see Carolina Panthers).

Perhaps that's why us Ravens fans should not lose hope. Here we are sitting at 2-3, with win-able games against the Dolphins and Raiders next up on the schedule. Sure, after dropping three in a row, it looks pretty dismal after a promising 2-0 start. But after watching some of the so-called league's elite bottom out lately, who knows what the future holds for all of us. The Pats were destroyed by the Chargers, the Cowboys flubbed it in Arizona (I called it!), the Redskins blew it late at home against the winless Rams and we all saw how the Giants mailed it in against the lowly Browns, who now are tied with your Ravens (ouch!).

If this could happen, then maybe Britney will finally reunite with KFed. Perhaps Brad and Angelina will break up and she will run back to Billy Bob and put on their twin vials of blood necklaces. Maybe the Seinfeld cast will return for one more season. And finally, we might just see the stock market return to normal. After all, if someone told your parents 25 years ago that one day we'd have either an African American President or female VP, they'd put you away on the Funny Farm!

Who knows, after all we've seen in the NFL so far this season, anything can happen! Any other amazing things you can think of based on this?