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Open Thread - Quarter-by-quarter

I will be blogging at the end of each quarter, venting my frustrations only four times during the game, instead of after every play!

The Ravens already look terrible, totally outclassed by Peyton Manning and company on their way to a 17-0 deficit by the end of the first quarter. The play calling is atrocious and makes no sense. Why not try runs off tackle at the heart of the Colts defense. Indy is a much faster team and we need to abandon the end runs and fancy stuff. Just stuff it down their mouths. Our plays are very slow developing and we are making the Colts' defense look great! Flacco looks every bit like a rookie who has no idea of the speed of the pro game. He is holding the ball too long and now is so afraid of throwing an interception, he now actually throws the ball away too quickly.

How many times do we have to let this reserve special teams guy, Bullitt, into Yamon Figurs' path!? Do you think perhaps Chris McAlister ought to forego trying to jump the routes and not go for Manning's fake pumps? Do ya thunk that the Colts are going after Frank Walker and Corey Ivy, who may be the worst two CB's in the ENTIRE league!? Do you think we should have drafted more CB's? What have we got to lose by putting either or both Tom Zbikowski and/or Haruki Nkamura out there as nickel or dimebacks even though they're both safeties? Could they do any worse!?

More to come at halftime. This is looking like it will continue to get uglier. Feel free to post your comments throughout the game.