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It's just my opinion, but...

...what do I know about picking the Ravens' games, as I would have them 4-0 if they did as I predicted.

...that said, they certainly had every chance to be 4-0 at this point, but snatched defeat from the jaws of victory - twice!

...if they gave up points to offensively-challenged teams the last two weeks in the second half, how can we expect to hold off the Colts?

...I just don't expect us to hold off the Colts.

...the Titans and the Giants are the only undefeated teams and should remain so after this week.

...I know the Titans can't lose as they have a Bye, and the Giants should take care of business in Cleveland, even if it is on MNF and the Dawg Pound will be loud.

...after the Browns lose, their blindly loyal and disillusioned fans will be angry, bitter and rude once again, and take it out on anyone near them.

...the Cowboys' Adam Jones will always be "Pacman" and will never be able to stay out of trouble, as he just doesn't get it.

...if I was NFL Commissioner, Jones never would have been reinstated, at least not until the bouncer, someone in his posse shot and paralyzed, gets out of his wheelchair and walks again.

...playing in the NFL is a privelidge, not a right, and the players should stay clean and be upstanding citizens, although I'd never look at the overwhelming majority of them as role models.

...there are a slew of tough games this weekend, mainly due to the favorite playing on the road and we all know how hard it is to win on the road in the NFL.

...the road favorites this weekend are the Bears, Eagles, Cowboys and Giants, with the Panthers at Buccaneers and Packers at Seahawks both pretty much tossups as well.

...of those road favorites, I see at least one, with as many as three possibilities of upsets, not including the two tossups (I like both home teams there).

...we may also see a slew of new QB's make their appearances, headlined by Brady Quinn (Cleveland), Seneca Wallace (Seattle), Dan Orlovsky (Detroit) to go along with this year's unexpected new starters, Joe Flacco (Baltimore), Matt Cassel (NE), Gus Frerotte (Minnesota), Kyle Orton (Chicago), Matt Ryan (Atlanta), Sage Rosenfels (Houston) and JT O'Sullivan (SF). Whew!!!

...if you play Fantasy Football, the list of first round picks who are currently busts is long and includes: LT, SJ, TB, PM, RM (you should absolutely know these guys by their initials, or probably don't play).

...I'm sure there are a bunch more that a lot of you would love to throw under the bus as well.

...while I may not pick the Ravens games to well (2-2 in my picks with them), I've done pretty good with the other teams' games (44-28), even after a dismal showing last week (5-8).'ll see my Picks & Pans in tomorrow's posting.

...doesn't SNL's Tina Fey do a better Sarah Palin imitation than Sarah Palin?