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Time to make the decision

The time is now in making a decision as to who will be the next head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. Wait a minute, you're saying, the playoffs don't end until after the Super Bowl in about a month? If the Ravens want one of the assistants currently embedded in the playoffs, they'll have to wait until then to make an announcement. I like both Tony Sparano and Jason Garrett, but believe neither is coming to Baltimore. Most people agree that Sparano is destined for Miami and Garrett might just stand pat and wait until Wade Phillips fails in Dallas and then take over one of the best coaching positions in all of sports. It is widely known that Jerry Jones places a much higher value on Garrett than he does on Phillips, and might just give Garrett a huge raise to remain with the team. The Ravens don't need either Schottenheimer to blow this team up, as many of the vets wouldn't put up with his style of management, which is similar to the Giants' Coughlin and Dolphins' Cameron, both coaches not too popular with their own players.

Notice how I haven't mentioned Bill Cowher- yet. Ravens fans who think he should be our coach are traitors to me as they've spent their entire Ravens lives hating, cursing and booing this guy. Would George Patton and the American people have welcomed Field General Rommel if he switched sides? Maybe not a good or tasteful comparison. Puh-lease not Bill Cowher, as I just couldn't bring myself to see that chin in purple! Besides, you just know he's not coming here and is patiently enjoying himself on the pre-game shows while awaiting the job to open up in Carolina near his home and family.

Then where does that leave the Ravens? Looking for a second tier coach or, gasp, raiding the college ranks? No, the obvious answer is just seamlessly slide over former Ravens Defensive Coordinator Rex Ryan into the head coaching position. This would accomplish a bunch of important things which are becoming time sensitive issues. The obvious reason is his relationship with not only his defensive players, but the offensive ones as well. There would not need to be a significant difference between the defense he ran and the one to be run by whomever he selects to take over the defense. He could hire an offensive coordinator now, as some of the potential candidates are already off the board, specifically Mike Martz, who would have been a great addition but was hired yesterday by the SF 49ers. The team would be well on its way to figuring out specifically what to do with this stagnant offense, and begin getting ready to make the moves to upgrade it, be it through free agency or the draft. The Ravens draft "War Room" can't begin to get its draft board in order until the issues are addressed through free agency and the roster begins to take shape. I firmly believe that if Rex is hired, All-Pro left tackle Jon Ogden would give us one more year protecting the QB's blind side, no matter who that ends up being, which of course, is another story for a later date.

Therefore, while I wouldn't be disappointed to hear that the Ravens signed the hottest name on the head coaching list (Jason Garrett), I doubt that's going to happen and the fallout that would hurt us by waiting and then left standing alone on the dance floor while everyone else is dancing would not be good for this franchise. Make Rex Ryan the next head coach of the Ravens now and let's begin the re-loading process, rather than blowing this thing up with a new coach and having to take years to re-build.

Thank you very much.