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Wild Card Weekend Wrapup

Well, other than the Giants upset of Tampa Bay, my picks were dead on. In fact, if you read my pan of the game, you'd see that I said I wouldn't be surprised if the Giants won, as it all depended on which Eli Manning showed up. Well, the good one did, as his play was definitely the difference in this game and now the Giants get what they've wanted- another shot at the Dallas Cowboys. Be careful what you wish for. The Bucs Ronde' Barber wanted the Giants and see what his big mouth got him? The chances of Eli Manning playing two great games in a row (three if you're counting how well he played against the Pats in the week 17 loss), and the Giants beating a rested and probably healthy Cowboys team seems pretty slim to me.

The Redskins seemed on the verge of pulling off the upset of the weekend, but wilted in the fourth quarter. I predicted a Seahawks victory and was surprised that it was that close for three quarters, as I said it shouldn't be a close game. Well, the score was not a good indication of how close it was until the 'hawks broke it open in the fourth quarter. It'll be a very good game when they go into Lambeau Field next week to take on the Packers. That might be the game of the weekend!

The Jacksonville Jaguars showed the heart of a champion in their victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. For the second time this season, they took a big lead against the Steelers, only to see Pittsburgh climb back in it, even taking a lead in this game. However, the Jags just took care of business, never losing their calm and then rode to victory behind a balanced offense that did just enough to win and an opportunistic defense that harried Big Ben all evening. They proved that they are a force to reckon with and will give the Pats a run for their money next weekend.

Finally, the San Diego Chargers beat the Tennessee Titans by 11 points, when the spread was 10.5 points. Wow, pretty good job, you oddsmakers! The game was close into the mid third quarter, but Phil Rivers grew up a bit, stopped complaining on the sidelines so animatedly, and despite the loss of Antonio Gates to an injury, passed the 'bolts to victory. The Titans Vince Young, while a great athlete, is just not the passing threat to lead his team to the next level (gee, beginning to sound a bit like Michael Vick?).

To me, the best four teams definitely moved on this weekend. Are they better than the four teams waiting for them in the next round? That, my friends, we will see. Personally, I seriously doubt it all the way around, as the best of this weekend in my opinion, the Jags, have to win in New England in January at night in the cold. That might be too tough of a challenge for anyone in the league, except perhaps, the Colts, who I see playing the Pats in two weeks for the AFC crown. Gee, I'm REALLY going out on a limb, eh?