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Wild Card Weekend Picks & Pans

To me, the entire weekend of games looks like a no-brainer. However, this is the NFL and on any given Sunday... you know what I mean. Whether it be this weekend or next, you just know there's going to be some sort of amazing upset that no one saw it coming. Either way, there looks to be some great football all weekend. Here are my picks & pans on Saturday and Sunday's games (in order):

Seattle over Washington
I don't see any way that the Seahawks can lose to the Redskins. Seattle's Qwest Field is one of the toughest and loudest places to play in the entire NFL. Between the noise and elements, the Seahawks advantage is huge, as the stats don't lie. While Seattle is a decent team on the road, they are almost unbeatable at home (7-1), while the Redskins have just been average on the road (4-4). You can throw out the stats for the playoffs, as the Redskins have a different QB (Todd Collins) who hasn't lost since he's taken over for the injured Jason Campbell. At the same time, Seahwaks QB Matt Hasselbeck has became a passing maniac and should throw the ball all over the field against the 'skins secondary. Although I pick the games straight up, I was surprised to see the line was only a field goal,as I see the Seahawks winning easily.

Jacksonville over Pittsburgh
This could actually be a sucker pick, as most people see the Jaguars going into Pittsburgh and defeating them for the second time in a month. The Steelers are without Willie Parker this time and will pretty much have to do it through the air, and the Jags are well aware of this and should pummel Big Ben all day. However, things rarely turn out as expected in the NFL and I wouldn't be surprised to see the Steelers have a miraculous game at home and "upset" the Jags. However, for the record, I'm picking Jacksonville to go on the road and lay a "beatdown" on the Steelers tonight.

Tampa Bay over NY Giants
I like the Bucs and their tough defense at home on Sunday. However, I am well aware that the Giants have won seven straight road games (3-5 at home means even the Giants hate playing in front of the NY fans!). This is going to be a tough game for the experts like me to pick, as no one knows which Eli Manning will show up (including Eli!). His erratic play has been both the highlight and lowlight of the Giants season. The answer to this will determine the game results. However, I'm expecting Bucs QB Jeff Garcia to play conservative enough and the Bucs opportunistic defense to cause Eli to turn the ball over and allow Tampa Bay to sneak out a close victory.

San Diego over Tennessee
The Chargers defeated the Titans less than a month ago IN Tennessee.
The Titans played inspired ball, while the Chargers needed OT to pull out the victory and avoid the upset. All San Diego has done since then is reel off three more victories in a current winning streak that sits at six games. The way the Chargers are playing has convinced the oddsmakers to make them double digit home favorites Sunday afternoon. While I'm not convinced they will beat the spread, I am convinced they will beat the Titans. Even Philip Rivers is playing much better and the team as a whole will be hard pressed to lose this game unless the bottom falls out and whoever ends up starting and finishing at QB for Tennessee plays lights out (uh,..isn't that Merriman's nickname?). That just shouldn't happen, as the Chargers win to set up a rematch with the Colts, who they beat on Monday Night Football (remember Manning throwing SIX interceptions and still almost winning!?), this time though, in Indianapolis.

Last Week: 11-5
Season: 101-64