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It's just my opinion, but...

...Rex Ryan's return to the Ravens automatically gives better credibility to head coach John Harbaugh.

...Harbaugh didn't really need the added reference, but it sure helps with those defensive vets being on board.

...if everyone gets healthy and the defense rebounds, I could see Cam Cameron and Harbaugh making the offense adequate enough to get us back to contender status.

...that will depend, of course, on who ends up being the QB.

...that QB should be Troy Smith, for 2008 at least.

...Boller has proven he's not the answer.

...McNair should be released and save the cap space. thinks McNair is definitely not going to retire, as he wants to go out on his terms.

...can't you just see McNair becoming the next Vinny Testeverde?

...the Giants definitely have a chance to beat the Pats in SB42.

...if both teams play the same way as they did in their respective conference championships, an upset is in the making.

...didn't nobody give the Pats a chance against the high scoring offense of the St. Louis Rams in 2000? much as I hate the New York teams, I definitely see the Giants at least covering the spread (-12).

...Tom Brady is not hurt at all, and his performace will not be affected by his ankle, and certainly not by the weather!

...the fact that this game is in a warm weather city will work to the Pats advantage, as there is no weather to compromise their passing attack.

...the Giants defense is playing as well as any that the Pats have faced all season. skeptical as I've been about Eli Manning all postseason, he has played like a "true" Manning and I see no reason why that shouldn't continue. the Over (53).

...the Orioles are once again looking like the laughing stock of the league, with the trade to send Erik Bedard to Seattle apparently on hold due to getting the final blessings by owner Peter Angelos.

...regardless of whether or not this deal gets done, the Orioles are.

...the O's sink to the cellar of the AL East, watching the Tampa Bay Devil Rays rise above them in the standings.

...I can't wait until the NFL season is finally over and free agency begins.

...these mock drafts are pretty much worthless until we see how free agency plays out, which will cause the draft boards to be totally re-written based on signings.

...I'd love to hear from you all who you think we should sign ot of free agency and then who we should look at taking with the #8 pick in April's draft.