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What the hell is going on in Washington!?

Not only are the Redskins not my team, but I hate to see them do well, so this news is great to me. Washington owner Daniel Snyder has hired both offensive and defensive coordinators, yet still has not hired a head coach! What the f---?

It looks that in Washington, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Gee, whoever is hired should be looking over their shoulders, as the failures of these two new guys will certainly be the responsibility of the new coach, even if he didn't hire them. Umm,..maybe I'm old fashioned, but shouldn't the head coach be hired first and then let him hire the assistants? Wow, whomever Snyder is waiting for must either be getting himself into a huge mess, or perhaps we are all the fools and Snyder and the "unknown" future coach has already made these decisions.....NOT!

Gotta love those 'skins. This is almost as good as watching Gibbs blow the Bills' game. However, I don't want to hear that at least they made the playoffs, as opposed to my Ravens, who stunk up the entire league last year. I'm just talking about this one issue, and I love it!

So there! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!