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Cam Cameron = Good hire for the Ravens

Just heard that the Ravens hired former Miami head coach as offensive coordinator. At the same time, it appears that former defensive coordinator Rex Ryan is not going to get any of the open head coaching position and actually still is under contract with Baltimore. I'd be glad to see him return to fill out new coach John Harbaugh's most important assistant positions. The combination of Cameron and Ryan would lend credibility to Harbaugh surrounding himself with the best available talent from a coaching perspective. If Ryan decides not to join the staff, then there are a bunch of other qualified defensive coaches who'd love to oversee this defense. It would be inn Ryan's best interests to return to Baltimore and await another opportunity after next season.

This new coaching staff should be a breath of fresh air to what has been a perrennial stagnant offense. I anxiously await the remaining members of Harbaugh''s staff, as well as the beginning of free agency and preparation for the NFL draft in April.