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Disappointed in the Packers

I not only expected the Packers to win yesterday, but thought they would run away with it, especially when they were up 10-6 in the second quarter. After Lawrence Tynes missed his second field goal at the end of regulation and the Packers won the OT coin toss, I again expected Favre to lead them downfield for a game winning field goal to extend their fairy tale season and set up the anticipated magical Super Bowl with the Patriots.

However, Favre reverted to 2006 form, throwing the ball to unopen receivers, leading to interceptions and opportunities for the Giants. Give Eli Manning and the entire Giants team their due credit. They played a lot better than Green Bay and deserved to win this game. They've raised their level of play in the postseason and ten wins in a row on the road is unbelievable as well as a new NFL record. I'm also sympathetic towards Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes, because had the Giants lost that game, he'd have been run out of town by the New York fans, after having his home burned to the ground and family threatened and harrassed.

The Pats game went pretty much as expected, although if you told me that Tom Brady would throw three interceptions I never would have believed it. San Diego kept it close without LT, a non-contributing Antonio Gates and a gimpy Philip Rivers. New England should have a tough game in two weeks, but should finish it off with a win, a perfect season and a great argument of being hailed as the Greatest Team of All Time.