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Championship Sunday Picks & Pans

Just two games on the schedule and they both figure to be really good ones for different reasons. I'm not going out on a limb for either, as I think the home teams are vastly superior to the visitors. Last week I had a great Saturday, going 2-0, but laid an egg on Sunday, to finish the weekend 2-2. I would have never expected both the Cowboys and Colts to get bounced at home. I'm staying consistent today, as I just don't see the upsets coming, although the Packers-Giants game certainly seems to be a closer one than the Patriots-Chargers. A couple of months ago in one of the regular postings I call "In my opinion...," I said the Pats and 'Boys would be in the Super Bowl, but wouldn't you love to see the Packers make it and upset the Pats in Arizona. Now it is really close to being a reality, which not only would be great to see, but the network and league would love to see this matchup as well. I guess it's up to the teams to cooperate and get down to business.

Here goes with my picks & pans:

New England over San Diego
The Chargers surprised both the Colts and pretty much everyone else watching and listening on TV and radio when their backup QB and RB came off the bench to lead them to a game winning drive and then hold off Peyton Manning in the waning moments. I fully expect both LT and Rivers to be out there today, but the key will be how healthy they truly are. Trust me, a healthy Billy Volek is a much better option than a gimpy Rivers. Rivers is no star QB, and Volek may even be a better passer even with Rivers healthy. LT's backup, Michael Turner has been on everyone's radar and would definitely be a starter on a lot of other teams, so neither is anything to sneeze at. At the same time, no one is LT, and his effectiveness willl determine how bad of a loss the Patriots put on the Chargers. Yes, either way, New England goes onto the Super Bowl. No more magic for San Diego, as Tom Brady will be glad to make this game a high scoring slugfest, and the Chargers just won't be able to keep up with them. 18-0 and just 60 more minutes between them and a perfect 19-0 Super Bowl title as the greatest team of all time.

Green Bay over NY Giants
The Giants are obviously a much better team on the road as evidenced by their record. However, this game is a lot different than the other nine in a row that they've won as the visitors. No, it's not going to be the weather that does them in. Trust me, the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field will equally affect everyone on both teams, other than Brett Favre. Not even the younger Packers have played in conditions like this on a regular basis to have an advantage. The difference in this game is that the Packers are just the better team. They destoyed the Giants earlier this season and should win again in this rematch. I realize that the Giants are a much better team at this point of the season, but guess what- so are the Packers. Favre just has too many weapons on offense and Ryan Grant is running as good or better than just about any other RB in the league. The key to the Packers season has and will continue to be the YAC. Yards after catch, this has been the difference for Green Bay, as their wideouts and tight ends have run free after turning short receptions into long gains time and time again this season. New York's banged up secondary will be torn apart, as the swirling winds won't affect these type of passes from Favre, and the Giants won't be able to replicate their attack. Eli has grown up the past four games and has earned the respect he's received lately even if the Giants lose today. Just as the past few games have been team victories, today's will in turn be a team defeat. Green Bay simply has too much for New York to handle and will earn a magical trip to Arizona and a date with New England in two weeks.

Last week: 2-2
Season Record: 106-67