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Next Man Up...

With Jason Garrett out of the picture, it's time to make the next obvious choice. I fully expect John Harbaugh to be signed as head coach by the end of today. The Philadelphia assistant coach is due at the Ravens complex today for his second interview and I see no reason that he will leave without a contract as Garrett did. Harbaugh doesn't have an owner waiting for him to match or beat this offer! Garrett made the right choice and as long as Cowboys owner Jerry Jones promised to match or beat any offer, he deserved the option of checking that out. Staying in Dallas was the obvious correct choice for Garrett as face it- the future head coach of the Cowboys is a heck of a lot better that the current Ravens coach.

While Marty Schottenheimer has not yet interviewed, there are conflicting reports, depending on whether you ask him or his agent, on his desire to return to the coaching ranks in the NFL. Reportedly, his agent said he's not interested but there are reports that Schottenheimer said he'd like to interview for the position. Either way, I'm not interested in him becoming the next coach, as I'm in favor of the current movement to younger coaches who seem to be better mentors to these young quarterbacks, of which the Ravens currently have two and may even add another depending on where they go in the draft.

Harbaugh is an intriging option. Everybody says he had an incredible interview and the players love his style of leadership. He would probably bring in a young crew of assistants and a fresh perspective to this dormant offense. I think he'd leave the defense alone and the veterans would respect that. Harbaugh could be the spark that restarts this team and returns it to contending status.

Unfortunately, that has made it perfectly clear that former defensive coordinator Rex Ryan is no longer an option for this team. Fortunately for Rex, it appears that he will soon sign on as the Atlanta Falcons head coach, which would be a good move for both. The Falcons need a defensive minded coach and Ryan would perfectly fit that bill and be successful in that role. Good luck to him as he has earned the opportunity and has waited patiently for his chance.

Ravens fans need to learn to remember that their new head coach is named John, not Jim. Jim was the Ravens QB in the past carousel of QB's that has come through town over the years. Perhaps we'll see Jim as the QB coach, or in another capacity. The Harbaugh family has a long line of NFL coaches and John should add the title of head coach at any moment.

Welcome to Baltimore, John and good luck!