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Latest Coaching News

It seems that the Ravens are focusing their efforts on signing Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett to be the next head coach. Now that the Cowboys are out of the playoffs, Garrett is returning to Baltimore today (Tuesday) for a second interview. He would be a great pick and the best available option in the entire league. His youth and success at both grooming an offense and a young quarterback would be openly welcomed by all Baltimore Ravens fans. I'd love to see him mentor Troy Smith and give him a shot at the starting position rather than wasting their #1 pick on a QB and then starting Kyle Boller for another frustrating year.

It also appears that Marty Schottenheimer is staying put in Florida as he is enjoying his life as a family man and grandfather. To me, that's a good decision for both him and the Ravens. Although I realize this team may need more discipline, Schottenheimer's style would not blend well with the veterans that make up the skilled core of this team and are the key to the immediate future's success. Garrett would be welcomed by the players, veterans or not, as well as us fans.

Message to Steve Bisciotti: It's not my money and it doesn't count against the salary cap, so pull out the checkbook and go get him!