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I didn't see that coming!

Wow, perhaps the Giants victory over the Cowboys was forseen, but the Chargers going into Indy and taking out the Colts? Wow!

The Colts definitely lost the game as much as San Diego won it. Losing the ball three times, one fumble and two tipped ball interceptions, all near or in the Red Zone doomed Indianapolis to failure. This game should have been a two TD victory for the Colts, if they don't uncharacteristicly turn the ball over in those situations. However, give the Chargers their props. Beating Indianapolis twice in the same season, with mucho turnovers in both games must not be just a coincidence. Phil Rivers threw some very pretty passes in this game and many players all stepped up with the game on the line. It could have been a lot worse, had the defensive holding call during the interception for a TD at the end of the half not been called. For San Diego to score the winning TD with both their starting QB and RB on the sidelines was huge for this team. How will it do next week? We'll just have to see, but to me the Pats streak looks much better with Indy out of the picture.

In the NFC, the Giants took care of business and for everyone, including myself, who keep waiting for the "other" ELi Manning, the one who threw three TD interceptions to the Vikings, to return, were disappointed. Manning, Eli that is, is still in the playoffs and the other one, Peyton, played more like the "old" Eli while Eli played more like the "old" Peyton!" As a tearful TO said, it was neither his ankle nor Tony's girlfriend who did them in. It was an old fashioned whole team loss, especially with the defense giving up huge chunks of yardage time and time again in critical situations. The pass rush was non-existent and allowed Manning to pick apart the porous Cowboys secondary. Isn't it a crock that BOTH Ken Hamlin and Roy Williams are in the Pro Bowl!?

Next week the Giants take their ten game road winning streak into Lambeau Field to see who goes to the Super Bowl. A while back, I stated that the Pats and 'Boys would meet in Glendale, Arizona. However, I said wouldn't it be a great fairy tale ending to a magical season if the Packers made it and upset the Pats? Now that fantasy is a heck of a lot closer to becoming a reality!